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Transport of Tomorrow
Self-Driving Cars to Hit the Market by 2020?
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  • Government Drone

    Interesting notions. Considering your remarks about how passenger rail will become obsolete, I suspect now that California’s much-ballyhooed “high speed” rail will start operating just as these cars will come out…. and Gov. Brown will be among the most surprised at the results.

    • Dale Fayda

      The CA high-speed rail is scheduled to be completed in 2029 (fat chance!). Jerry (Gov. Dementia) Brown will likely be dead by that then and if these cars come when scheduled, they will have made an impact long before this choo-choo project is even operational.

      Personally, I think both are a waste of time and money.

  • Tom Chambers

    I imagine hackers and virus developers are already licking their lips.

    • Jim__L

      So if you were a KGB agent given the task of pursuing technologies to cause the greatest possible mayhem in the continental US, what would your top three targets be?

      Here are a few ideas:

      1. Hacking driverless cars
      2. Gathering up a vast database of credit card information, big enough that frequent quasi-random fraudulent transactions could overwhelm our financial system’s ability to provide trusted economic transactions

      3. Causing a coordinated iPhone blackout (the rest of the world would be nearly immune)
      4. Hacking the “smart grid”, when/if that ever comes online

  • Andrew Allison

    “Services like Uber paired with self-driving cars will together reduce the number of people who need to own cars, as well as the number of cars families need to own.” seems to imply that vehicles will be driverless rather than self-driving. It will be a very long time before driverless vehicles hit the open road (as opposed to controlled environments like airports).

    • Kevin

      If they can’t drive themselves then the vehicles per capita may not drop as it will be difficult to get a car from passenger/driver A to passenger/driver B. In fact by making commuting and traveling less expensive (in terms of wasted time spent concentrated on the road) or quicker it may increase the demand for cars as the miles traveled increases.

  • Lockstein13

    Greeeeeaaat…no control over the driving apparatus…so the Government or mischevious hackers can take over?
    Take over at 65mph?!?
    Take me where THEY want to take me?!?

    H*LL NO!

  • Fat_Man

    “we will see a fall in car sales. Services like Uber paired with self-driving cars will together reduce the number of people who need to own cars, as well as the number of cars families need to own.”

    That is what I expect residents of New York to say, and even to believe. I do not think the conclusion is warranted. I live in flyover country. I enjoy the privilege of being able to get in my car, which is set to make me comfortable and which has my stuff in it. I do not have to wait, not even seconds for it to show up. If have to get the kids to school by 8:30 and myself to work by 9:00, there are no issues with the car not showing up. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry about disease spreading bodily fluids of utter strangers, nor do I have to worry about the last person in the car being a drunk who vomited all over the interior.

    I look forward to cars that can conduct themselves even though their owners are busy texting, or eating. The highways will be much safer. I would like be able to read or nap while traveling. But, I do not believe that I or other middle class people will want to do without their own cars.

  • ljgude

    There is a known unknown here of which VW is perfectly well aware. People enjoy driving. Because it is fun. They don’t really give a hoot if their cars pollute so long as they GO and they are in control. The only question is just how much this present vision of the future fails to take the fun and control factors into account.

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