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Middle East Mess
The New Stage of Crisis and Chaos
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  • Ron N.

    Free Syrian Army, all 6 of them

  • Anthony

    The Middle East, upon cursory view, appears in meltdown. To some eyes, WRM’s assessment is on target (struggle for regional dominance between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran) but more is at stake in Middle East. That is, region’s long arc of instability may infect distant economies and societies. So, geopolitical risks are potentially unknown unknowns leaving global world where – consequences, consequences, consequences?

  • Arkeygeezer

    If the secret strategy of the U.S. is to contain violence to the middle east, and let the middle east sort out its own problems, it seems to be working.

    U.S. involvement would amount to a limited war with all kinds of “humanatarian” restrictions. Consequently the military action would be long and drawn out with doubious results.

    Russia, on the other hand, does not have such restrictions. The Russians and Syrians with Iranian help can wage unrestricted warfare against ISIS with the desired results of defeating them with a lot of collateral civilian casualties.
    There is no such thing as “limited war”. War is a horrible atrocity, but the only way to win one is to ruthlessly persue it to the bitter end. The U.S. is unwilling to do this, and everybody knows it. Consequently, it is forced to persue a policy of containment and cozy up to the nations that are willing to wage unrestrited warfare.

    • Pete

      You’re right about the stupidity of the politically correct manner in which the U.S. wages war.

      You say, “U.S. involvement would amount to a limited war with all kinds of “humanitarian” restrictions. Consequently the military action would be long and drawn out with dubious results.”

      And right, and aside from dubious results, such wars are 1) nearly always un-winnable and 2) involve an unnecessarily high U.S. causalities and cost.

  • Blackbeard

    Our allies are “starting” to wonder if they are ex-allies? Israel and Saudi Arabia realize now that U.S. is in massive retreat and that they are largely on their own. Russian/Iranian/Shia hegemony in the ME is coming and look for Saudi Arabia to make an accommodation with Iran. The key issue would be oil prices with Saudi Arabia agreeing to limit production and get the price back up above $120 a barrel. Good for the petro-states which are by and large all our enemies. Bad for Israel, the world economy in general and bad for us. Good for the Greens as it will increase the probability of global recession with therefore decreased CO2 emissions.

    From Obama’s point of view it’s win, win, win.

  • Steve Rodriguez

    It’s not clear what the consequences are???? Not only is it clear, but it has been predicted by us out here in normal America. Mead gave us this traitor in the WH with the fawning sympathies of the elite media and intelligentsia who were too stupid in their effeminate little wine gatherings in Manhattan to see what normal sane people could see from the current messiah occupation regime…..

    1) chess not checkers – you NEVER had to leave Iraq, and you never had to cut a deal with Iran. That is purposeful in an attempt to damage America. The Russian moves are to: A) remove the US from the ME so they can……B) control flow of oil which in turn will lead to……C) removing the dollar from oil trade which is the first step in removing……D) dollar as global reserve currency which will alter your safe little life and your nice little 401K retirement while the media keeps you filled up with pro-gay and minority diversions…..E) decouple Europe from US as they are more dependent on oil for energy and they have the refugee crisis – Moscow will give them the offer they can’t refuse…..F) makes us have to go through Moscow to attack terrorists and prevent them from attacking us and plotting against us…..

    This was never about the idiot libertarian refrains of live let live over there, and it was always a lie to say Bush lied people died. This was always about global order and the safety of America, all of which has been flushed by every American who voted for these criminal traitors.

    What would I do – well, thanks to the sheer magnitude of destruction the Obama regime has wrought on us and the world, ther eis very little that can be done without fighting. A new President (this one can’t and wouldn’t do it) will have to: rebuild NATO; high level summits getting the Europeans and Asian allies showing solidarity; stop troop cuts and increase size of all branches of military; missile defense to Poland; troops to Poland; troops to the Baltics; public summit in Jerusalem supporting Israel; send missils defense and other military equipment to Jordan; summit with Egypt sign some friendship agreement, etc; re-engage the Saudi’s to say we will help them confront the Shia-Persioan-Russian access; send ground troops to Iraq and drive ISIS back into Syria, from the one’s we don’t kill; put a strong man back in charge in Iraq who is OUR string man, and STAY in Iraq until a political settlement decides to keep the country or divvy it up (probably divvy it up, the Kurds have had enough);

    Notice I did not say “go to war” with the exception of destroying ISIS. All of those moves are defensive to protect our friends from Russian aggression and terror groups. This is ALOT and yet it is just the beginning. The costs will require have a domestic reform program to fix our budgetary woes. Need dollar strengthened and pay down some debt. Lots of ideas on that but have written enough. We are in BIG trouble, because the media has protected this criminal traitor, and he has sold us out, and our allies, and the world is re-ordering away from America. When the dollar goes, no one will care about a gender equity symposium.

  • mf

    Putin is unhinged. With one air raid he has put Russia in the middle of a religious war between Shiites and Sunnis. Anything Russian has just become a target for Jihadis, not mentioning that 10% of Russian population is Muslim. He has certifiably gone off the reservation.

    • Lost in america

      He is so unhinged that he has taken the banner as the only Superpower on the planet. I agree as far as territory in Syria, there is not much to gain. Diplomatically making the well run public relations functioning of the Administration look totally clueless. He will probably crate bomb ISIS and anyone else that is in the way of Assad. After he makes his point, Assad will step down. Putin can demonstrate his strength and diplomatic focus by satisfying the demand for a change. Then, he will move on to his next objective while we are still chasing our tail. We need to have our foreign policy hinged.

  • Lost in america

    While we are pinned down with the Iranian-Russian axis, we need to concentrate on our allies and potential allies. China is important to establish a connection. Otherwise, Putin will reach out to them and have the U.S. surrounded diplomatically. Very intelligent work and response by their international office. Somebody has to wake our guys, so that they could have a strategy and stop putting the President in such a embarrassing situations. Changes needed in Intelligence analysis and definitely at higher levels of the State Dept. these are unforced errors that are perpetually being perpetrated.

  • boonteetan

    Undoubtedly, Middle-East has become more chaotic and messy. There are many valid questions asked, but hardly any tangible solution given.
    The west wants to dethrone Assad, Putin aims to consolidate Assad’s regime. This is how Putin reacts to west’s sanction. He knows what he is doing.

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