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Europe's New New Left
The Left Has Won, Let the Purges Begin

Well, that didn’t take long: The lefties now controlling the labor party are looking to drive their moderate colleagues out into the cold. The Times of London reports:

A plot to target Labour MPs who refuse to serve under Jeremy Corbyn has been revealed in a leaked email from a senior officer in Britain’s biggest union.

The plan is the first concrete evidence of moves to mobilise Mr Corbyn’s supporters against moderate MPs.

The day after Mr Corbyn’s election as Labour leader this month, Tony Woodhouse, a member of Unite’s executive council, wrote to fellow officials that the “hard work starts now”. He added: “We know what the right of the party who will try to undermine him and we also know what the media will do I [think] we should do a massive recruiting drive in the CLPS [constituency Labour parties] where MPs have said they wouldn’t serve in his shadow cabinet.”

Moderate Labour MPs fear that Mr Corbyn’s allies will use the influx of hundreds of thousands of new supporters to purge critics. The Labour leader denies that he wants to make it easier for local parties to deselect his Westminster critics, a tactic likened by a shadow cabinet member to “punishment beatings”.

It says something about Corbyn’s commitment to the old left causes that his supporters see the recent leaders of Britain’s Labour Party as unacceptably tainted. And now, with far-left parties shutting down (to allow their members to join Labour under Labour rules that forbid members from belonging to another party), and Corbyn’s moves to allow grassroots supporters in local parties more of a voice in policy-making (by grassroots, Corbyn means the activists who paid three pounds to vote in the leadership election he recently won), the potential for a Labour meltdown is growing.

If by some perverse miracle this group gets its hands on national power, look for a similar approach to free speech. In the far-left universe, there is only the freedom to agree. We see this on many U.S. college campuses now, and there are plenty of people who would like the government to act the same way, banning “hurtful” or “inaccurate” speech.

The UK has always had a softer spot for the nanny state than the U.S., and the UK system doesn’t provide as many protections against a parliamentary majority that takes leave of its senses. The thought police and the PC enforcement brigades would have a field day with Corbyn and the hard left in power. Fortunately, that is very unlikely to happen, but the rise of the intolerant Labour left is another sign that democracy in Europe isn’t nearly as strong as one could wish.

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  • Blackbeard

    The Fall of the West, Chapter XXII.

  • f1b0nacc1

    And this surprises anyone?

  • Andrew Allison

    The further left Corbyn takes the Labour party the less chance it has of gaining power.

    • f1b0nacc1

      By chance did you read Polly Toynbee’s latest? She actually thinks Corbyn is a responsible moderate!

  • qet

    I’m not as optimistic. 30 years ago, had you suggested that a President and Dem party with the beliefs and policies of the current president and Dem party would gain power, your suggestions would have been dismissed as some sort of dystopian (or utopian, depending on who you were speaking to) fantasizing.

    • JR

      You are forgetting that great equalizer, economic performance. You can elect Hugo Chavez, but Hugo Chavez cannot make law of supply and demand work the way he wanted it to.

  • Kevin

    How many will defect to the Lib-Dems? They could easily become second largest party if this continues.

    • CapitalHawk

      My thoughts exactly. After the last election it looked like the Lib-Dems were history. But Labour seems determined to resurrect them.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Pendulums do swing, but in a place like the UK, there are reasonable limits to HOW FAR they swing. Likewise the USA.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    It looks to me like the numbers are all with the right wing political parties, that reject unfettered legal and illegal immigration. UKiP seems like the primary beneficiary in the UK. The Labour Party and the left in general are losing supporters everyday. I expect the UK to leave the EU in the not to distant future. The UK is already scheduled to hold a referendum to leave the EU before the end of 2017. Once one nation leaves I expect a number of others to leave both the EU and the Euro, and like a crack in a dam the whole thing should implode like the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact did 25 years ago.

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