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Blue Rot
Public Unions and Sadistic Prison Guards
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  • Pete

    Unions suck, Mr. Mead

  • Fat_Man

    “That Democrats, saddled with such a dysfunctional policy agenda and
    chained to such retrograde institutions as public sector unions, enjoy a
    near monopoly on the support of poor, urban, and minority voters is a
    crushing indictment of a massive GOP leadership failure—and of a deeper
    problem in American society as a whole.”

    Let me see if I can make sense out of that. I think what you are saying is that the Democrats are really bad. But the Republicans are to blame for the Democrats evil actions.


    • Tom

      (Waggles hand) It’s kind of like saying that Hitler was able to run rampant during the the ’30s because no one managed to stop him.

    • PierrePendre

      Republicans are not to blame for what Democrats or their allies do but they are responsible for not offering an alternative. If the reason for this is that Republicans don’t care about the victims of prison violence or bad policing or poor schools, then they are politically culpable and they pay a political price in losing the votes the communities affected to the Democratic machine. It’s already counter-intuitive for vulnerable communities to consider voting GOP because the Democrats seem to be their natural home. When Republicans can’t be bothered to evangelise for something better, why should the poor – those most affected – challenge their own assumptions?

      • f1b0nacc1

        The GOP has offered (and continues to offer) lots of alternatives….what they don’t offer is the ‘Free stuff and no consequences’ policy that the Dems do, and that is why they get so little support. Arguing in favor of liberty and opportunity as opposed to dependency to the government is not the same thing as saying that you don’t care or that you have nothing to offer. The GOP has tried (and likely will continue to try) to convince these groups that it has something to offer, but they aren’t being listened to, in no small part because that the ‘community leaders’ of these groups are more often than not bought and paid for by the Dem party that they deliver up votes for.
        NONE of the above should be interpreted to excuse real abuses by anyone (GOP or otherwise), but to suggest that there aren’t other models for reform on the table is simply ignoring reality….

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