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Going out on Top
Speaker Boehner’s Nunc Dimittis
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  • wigwag

    The papal visit was another massive Boehner failure; one more in a long line. When he invited the Pope, do you think he expected to hear a harangue about climate change, a critique of capitalism and a conniption about immigration?

    I don’t.

    Practically everything Boehner believes in was was repudiated by the Pontiff. In the midst of the debate about Planned a Parenthood, all the Pope provided the GOP was a ritualistic and cursory mention of the importance of protecting life. The Pope had bigger fish to fry; his main worry is that the atmosphere is heating up.

    You know you’ve lost the culture wars when even the head of the Roman Catholic Church enthusiastically suggests that he finds your views an anachronism.

    Whatever you think of the political perspective of GOP elites like Boehner, McConnel and Bush, it’s clear that they are having their heads handed to them. They’re toast. Boehner knows it which is why he quit.

    Want to know who the big winner is with Boehner’s departure?

    If you guessed Donald Trump, take a bow.

    • f1b0nacc1

      As I have come to expect, precisely right.
      Boehner resigned before he was fired….

    • FrankArden

      I don’t mind a politically liberal holy man talking about the poor. I don’t mind a liberal head of state meeting with the president. I do mind the speaker of the US House inviting the same man (who just left Communist Cuba after shaking Castro’s hand–but not taking his confession) to lecture the American People on his liberal political precepts to the assembled government of the United States from the House lectern to the floor of of the House of Representatives and the American People.

      • Pete

        The fool is suppose to be speaking about the poor in spirit.

    • Anthony

      WigWag, something for your eyes (there are cycles in politics, and we have reached the end of the cycle in which creating artificial personas will work for candidates. The enthusiasm for Trump is…):

  • Beauceron

    “The first job of any speaker is to protect this institution that we all love”
    Speak for yourself. Everybody seems to hate Congress. I know I do.
    Screw this country.

    • CapitalHawk

      Why can I not down vote this?!?!?!?!

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Great news! Boehner is the first to go under the TEA Party bus, but he won’t be the last.

    • FriendlyGoat

      The bus is headed over a cliff.

      • Jacksonian_Libertarian

        There’s such a thing as taking an analogy too far.

        • FriendlyGoat

          Yes, there is. In the case of a bus, for instance, it’s a long way to the bottom of many cliffs. “Too far”, you know?

  • FriendlyGoat

    Speaker Boehner has apparently decided that the machinations of this particular House are too much of a stretch for both his rational mind and his Catholicism. There is no telling what happens up there next—–but the American people who overwhelmingly disapprove of Congress are about to be reminded once again WHY they disapprove of it.

    • Dale Fayda

      If the next speaker shows even one iota more fight against Obama’s agenda, I’m with him/her!

      • FriendlyGoat

        Of course you are.

  • FrankArden

    The Bishop of Rome was laid out a red carpet that started in communist Cuba and rolled through Boehner’s House. I respect Boehner for his faith but I cannot respect his invitation for the Jesuit Jorge Bergoglio to lecture the American people in his House. One of the Last great things the speaker might have done before he retired would have been to condition the House visit on the Cuba visit, before the White House and the UN.

    Cuba should have come last.

  • Anthony

    “Speakers come and go all the time. They rise,…and then they turn into filthy rich lobbyists….” Wow! helluva system in contradistinction of Pope Francis’ invocation.

  • Pete

    Boehner quit on a high point?

    I think not. The man quit under fire.

  • Fat_Man

    Boehner’s inability to produce departmental budget bills in regular procedure is proof of his failure.

  • Boritz

    In some of the old submarine movies a dead body was jettisoned through the torpedo tube to convince an attacking destroyer that they had succeeded and could call off the attack. Is Boehner serving the same purpose? Callers to talk shows described their state as ‘euphoric’ and ‘elated’ when they heard the news. While this is a completely appropriate response to Boehner’s departure one has to wonder if his ‘sacrifice’ is designed to take some heat off of a suffering Republican establishment. This may be as much a take-one-for-the-team thing as a personal matter.

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