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papal visit
Philadelphia, Seat of Religious Liberty, Welcomes the Pope
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  • Anthony

    “…that religious liberty is a divine gift that we are all obliged to respect….that great institutions can go badly wrong….” Those two items WRM lend substance to brevity of post.

  • Fat_Man

    “Those who think that Islam will never change should remember …”

    Sure, anything can happen, but that is not the way to make money in Vegas.

    • gabrielsyme

      The big problem for Islam is that intolerance of other religious professions is baked into their scriptures – which is certainly not the case in respect of Christianity. Christian traditions were able to discover the virtue of religious toleration from within their own tradition. Islam has a powerful defence against the introduction of any such notion.

  • lord acton

    Having studied the 1600 at length, I think the most extraordinary prophet of religious liberty was Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island. He had a huge influence of the evolution of religious liberty during the English Civil War era and his thought influenced John Milton, Henry Vane (governor of Massachusetts and parliamentary leader during the commonwealth period, Oliver Cromwell (the most complex and fascinating figure ever produced by the English speaking peoples in my opinion), and John Locke (who has received the lion’s share of the credit for reformulating Roger William’s ideas). William’s works bear studying in our present age with secular intolerance here at home and Islamic fundamentalism waxing around the world.

    • gabrielsyme

      Cromwell and the Protectorate have an unmerited reputation for religious tolerance – they made Anglican practice impossible by outlawing the episcopate, and intensified the persecution of Catholics in England and especially in Ireland. It was a remarkably narrow field of toleration.

      • lord acton

        True. Williams on the other hand was far ahead of his time.

        • gabrielsyme

          I have a great respect for Roger Williams and his fight for religious toleration, completely agree.

  • gabrielsyme

    Let’s not forget the similarly-tolerant establishment of Maryland by Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore. There was a fairly strong emphasis on toleration and co-existence within English Catholic circles from the reign of Elizabeth onwards.

  • JohnStefanyszyn

    “pope francis” proclaims in Philadelphia that “God himself” gave man the right to religious freedom, to worship ANY ‘god’.

    In other words, ‘pope francis’ affirms that the One Creator said to man that man is free (defined as: without judgement and punishment) to worship ANY ‘god / religion / belief” as one’s conscience dictates, i.e. defines to be “good or evil”.

    ‘pope francis’ must be referring to another “god”, as a “god of fortresses”, which believes in defining the forbidden fruit to be ‘good’ and in establishing and doing what is RIGHT in one’s own eyes…as Eve declared that the forbidden fruit was good for one’s self-wisdom…believing that through it she would be free and would not die.

    ‘pope francis’ must be referring to another ‘god’ for because the One Creator said that man is to worship ONLY HIM, the One True Way of Good. HE forbid man to take of the forbidden tree, to worship any other gods. In other words HE said that man is NOT FREE to worship any other ‘gods’, warning man that if he were to do so that the judgement and punishment for this disobedience, this self-taken freedom, would be death.

    …..according to “pope francis” this is extremist uniformity fundamentalism ideology which is not acceptable.

    Very soon, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Defining Identity of the One Creator, will return , as a thief in man’s eyes, to rule the earth in obedience and power as the ONE KING according to the Will of the ‘I AM’ and NOT according to man’s first love for ‘his freedom”, for his desire to serve and magnify oneself (XES) as a ‘god’.

    The Lord Jesus Christ said to repent and to serve only Him, the One True Way of Life.

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