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The European Immigration Crisis
Cascading Border Closures Rock Europe
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  • Pete


  • ronetc

    I believe rather than “migrant” the correct term is “invader.” Using correct terminology clarifies necessary actions.

    • LarryD

      Which is why the “immigration apologists” try to ban such terms as “illegal immigrant”.

  • CapitalHawk

    While TAI clearly doesn’t like the leader of Hungary (I have little doubt you’ve called Viktor Orban a “far-right” politician at some point), in his actions on this issue he is, contrary to your depiction here, only partially acting due to ideology and is clearly one of the more forward thinking people on the issue. Stratfor recently had an article which listed various European countries and their number of asylum seekers on a per capita basis. Hungary is at the top of the list, with 3.6 times the number of asylum seekers as Germany (again, on a per capita basis). Hungary has approximately 2% of the overall population in the European Union and yet currently is (unwilling) host to nearly 18% of the asylum seekers in all of the EU. The only wonder is that it took the Hungarians this long to clamp down so hard.

    • mdmusterstone

      Hmm, interesting stat CH.

  • gabrielsyme

    Objectively, it is Viktor Orban and the anti-immigrant movement in Europe that are being humanitarian and compassionate, and Frau Merkel and the thoughtless European establishment that are directly contributing to the deaths of many migrants. Simply put, if Merkel and others in the bien-pensant salons of Europe had not put out a welcome mat to all and sundry, migrants would not be putting their lives in the hands of vicious snakeheads and smugglers – and would not be dying by the droves as they cross the Sahara, the Mediterranean and even Austria.

    If Orban’s policy had been in place from the start, thousands of lives would be saved – and Europe would be spared a worsening of long-term social and political challenges of unassimilated and poverty-stricken Muslim communities in their midst which are already the source of much violence, crime and terrorism.

  • Robert Burke

    The fix is to defund “Progressive-Retardnation” worldview education K-12, university and Journalism Schools in Europe. Also the US. Also India, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Don’t forget Canada.

    Replace it with “Tragic-Liberty” worldview from Hebrew-Greek-Roman-Gothic-Christian-1776 history.

    This fixes everything, instead of putting out fires. Also it fixes the eyes and ears of the world, the brainwashed Progtard Journalists.

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