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Biofuel Boondoggle
American Ethanol on the Rocks
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Harebrained. Everybody in the Midwest would happily call this “harebrained” if only corn had always been grown in New York City and Los Angeles. As it is, ethanol has run the prices of crop land up to the moon in several reddish states and slowed the death march of a lot of small towns. So “harebrained” is more likely a term which will be applied to any policy which might dethrone King Corn. I’m going to bet there are a lot of Congressional representatives who think we need to keep an ethanol mandate “for a while yet”.

    • Andrew Allison

      Especially those reprehensatives who have been bought and paid for by the (largely non-partisan) ethanol lobby. It was, incidentally, “your’ [grin] (mal)administration which proposed increasing the amount of ethanol to an engine-destroying 15%.

      • Boritz

        There isn’t really an engine-destroying level of ethanol any more than there is an economy-destroying level of minimum wage. In fact the thing to do would be to index the ethanol content of gasoline to the minimum wage. Yeah, that’s the ticket. [/sarc]

  • Erocker

    So over the ten years here is what we learned about corn ethanol.

    Corn ethanol does not reduce CO2 compared to using gasoline
    when you include pesticides, fertilizer, tractoring, and distilling.
    Corn ethanol causes a larger dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Corn ethanol leads to Nitrogen fertilizer polluted ground water.
    Corn ethanol leads to polution from pesticides.
    Corn ethanol leads to plowing of grass lands to add corn fields.
    Corn ethanol leads to destruction of forest lands to add corn fields.
    Corn ethanol is increasing the Ogallala Aquifer Depletion.
    Corn ethanol pollutes the air with formaldehydes and Acetaldehyde.
    Corn ethanol use leads to higher levels of ozone pollution.
    Corn ethanol leads to higher food prices.
    Corn ethanol uses as much energy to make as it delivers.
    Corn ethanol separates out of gas over time (shelf life 3 months).
    Corn ethanol has only 2/3 the BTU power of gas.
    Corn ethanol costs more per BTU than gasoline.
    Corn ethanol can be very corrosive.
    Corn ethanol is often distilled using coal as a heat source.
    Corn ethanol distillers exhaust high levels of VOCs polution

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The worst part is that “Global Warming” is total crap.

  • Cohomology

    I am environmentalist. I am all for reducing gas demand and fuel efficiency.
    Biofuel is one of the worst ideas that was implemented. Bad for environment, bad for the worlds poor,
    bad for economy but good for big ag and rich farmers.

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