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Battle for Ukraine
War and Impending Financial Disaster for Ukraine?

Evidence that the war in eastern Ukraine is heating up continues to mount: Russian-backed Ukrainian rebels are canceling military leave and mobilizing their full force in preparation for combat, according to a Russian state-run TV station. Several hours before the mobilization was announced, Vladimir Putin reportedly called an emergency meeting with his security chiefs and defense minister. The Kremlin-backed station quoted a representative of the rebels saying that war could break out at any time.

Moreover, on Wednesday night, the OSCE reported its finding that several storage facilities where the rebels were supposed to be keeping their heavy armaments had been emptied. The Ukrainian government has been pointing to a significant escalation by rebels this week, saying its forces are being battered by heavy weapons, which February’s Minsk treaty technically banned. The government has authorized its troops to respond in kind, and notified the OSCE.

As for Kiev, its problems sadly don’t begin or end with the conflict in the eastern breakaway regions. Between the cost of the war in the industrial heartland, rampant corruption, the dim prospects for the current government successfully to implement promised reforms, and soaring sovereign debt, Ukraine’s main problem is the sorry state of its finances. Things aren’t likely to improve on that front, as talks in San Francisco with one of its major foreign creditors—the bond fund Templeton—broke up today with no breakthrough in sight. Bloomberg:

The two-sentence statement left little scope to “read between the lines” on the state of progress, Nomura Holdings Inc. strategist Tim Ash said by e-mail. Ukraine, which needs to execute an agreement before a $500 million note falls due on Sept. 23, said Aug. 7 that this week marked the “final opportunity” for an accord.

“It’s a good sign that they are continuing discussions and not blaming each other for lack of cooperation,” said Jakob Christensen, an analyst at Exotix Partners in London, who expects creditors and the government will eventually settle on a 22.5 percent writedown to the face value of bonds. […]

“It’s a pity that after flying so far, Jaresko will leave with nothing,” Vitaliy Sivach, a Kiev-based bond trader at Investment Capital Ukraine, said by e-mail. “It looks like it’s time to prepare for Plan B — to default.”

Between a rock and a hard place, as they say. It would not be surprising to see Putin pushing a bit harder militarily in the coming days, just to see how destabilized Kiev can get.

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  • Paper Tiger

  • Lissa Kozma

    There is no idealism, principles, or decency to any of this.

    I support the Iran Deal, but Obama is only taking orders from J-Street Jews who are no less devious than AIPAC Jews.

    J-Street, via Obama, is approaching Iran for the same reason US approached China in the early 70s. As US saw the USSR as the main rival, the idea was to reduce tensions with China and hopefully use it as leverage against the USSR(and against Vietnam as the satellite of the USSR).

    Jews who run the US now see Russia as the main rival to Jewish Supremacism. Of course, Jews would like to take down both Russia and Iran, but it’s too much to handle all at once. After all, Germany failed in WWI and WWII cuz it got embroiled in two-front wars.

    So, Jews figure they could focus on one big enemy at a time. Jews see Russia as the bigger threat. Now, Israelis may be more worried about rise of Iran as a regional power, but Jewish Power is global, in the US and EU, not just in Israel. Indeed, the center of Jewish Global Power is more in US and EU than in Israel.

    So, for the time being, Jews are using Obama to reduce tensions with Iran, as the sanctions only drove Iran and Russia, not natural allies, together.

    Thus, if the West woos Iran economically and diplomatically, Russia may become more isolated. Why is Russia such a danger to Jewish power. After all, Putin isn’t anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist. Russia poses no challenge to US global dominance in high-tech. I mean try to name one Russian brand in car, TV, electronics, computers, and etc.

    So, why all this panic about Russia? It’s because Putin prioritized Russian nationalism and cultural traditionalism(of roots) against total Jewish globalist takeover. Jews want to take control of Russia with all its resources. Jews are salivating because they nearly had all of Russia in the 90s.
    But the problem goes deeper than that. If the Russian situation could be contained within Russia itself, Jews might not be so worried. But Jews fear that Putinist model of national consciousness might inspire similar models in rest of Europe. Hungary is ruled by rightists who sometimes speak like Putin. The National Front in France are close to Russia, indeed pro-Russia. Nationalist parties are making gains all over Europe, especially with the rising tide of color. And there are elements in Germany who would rather Germany forge an independent foreign policy and grow closer to Russia than remain servile to the US indefinitely.

    If Putin-ism spreads, it means every white European nation will promote national pride and confidence(instead of endless Holocaust guilt and white self-loathing). And if Europe goes that way, then such ideas might affect American whites as well, and then, Jews will be very nervous.

    So, Jews figure on dividing Russia and Iran. If the West does business with Iran, Iranians(especially the young) will become more Western-ized and lulled into thinking US is a friendly nation. Iran will grow closer to the West than to Russia.
    And then, if the West focuses all its power against Russia, Putinism may be defeated and brought down. And maybe Russia will fall prey to Jewish globalism.

    AND THEN… the Zionists can finally make a move on Iran.
    If Russia is longer a sovereign power that can stand up to US, then Iran no longer has a powerful ally to back it up. If Russia falls to Jews and homos, then Iran will have no safe wall to lean back against for security. US will be able to isolate and undermine Iran anyway it wants.

    So, taking out Russia means all the other dominoes will fall. It was difficult for Jewish supremacism to get everything it wanted in Syria and Iran because of Russia. But if Russia were subverted, weakened, and made a bitch of Jewish globalism, then the Jewish-controlled US(and its vassals of the EU and Russia) will be able to do as it pleases anywhere in the Middle East. Without Russia to back it up, a nation like Iran would be totally vulnerable. So, take out Russia first, and then move on Iran.

    So, this is really an Iran Gambit. US acts like it is making a concession to Iran, but it is to strengthen its hand against Russia. Once Russia is out of the picture as a sovereign nation that can challenge the US, nations like Iran will be all alone in the world and without powerful allies. They can be picked off one by one.

    It’s like once Big China fell as an independent power in the 19th century, all the neighboring Asian nations could be picked off one by one too.

  • Tom

    Oh, look. Russian anti-Semites. Just what we all wanted.
    At least they’re transparent, though.

    • Fred

      Yeah. I wish JR were here to entertain us at their expense.

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