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Campus Kangaroo Courts
‘Yes Means Yes’ May Be Illegal, Judge Rules
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  • Pete

    Now lets start rolling back racial quotas, a.k.s., affirmative action.

    • Anthony

      Pete, aka affirmative action: “it is not widely debated in the mainstream media or, for that matter, in civil rights organizations but the argument for affirmative action should be reconsidered. The claim is that…advocates should reconsider the traditional approach to affirmative action because (a) it has helped to render a new caste system largely invisible:(b) it has helped to perpetuate the myth that anyone can make it if they try: (c) it has encourage the embrace of a trickle down theory of racial justice; (d) it has greatly facilitated the divide-and-conquer tactics that gave rise to mass incarceration; and (e) it has inspired such polarization and media attention that the general public now (wrongly) assumes that affirmative action is the main battlefront in U.S. race relations.”

      Also, Pete, the above is not premised on the proposition that affirmative action should be reconsidered because it is unfair to white men as a group (the empirical evidence strongly supports the conclusion otherwise – downsizing, deindustrialization, globalization, declining wages, and governmental services cutbacks represent much greater threats to the position of white men than so-called reverse discrimination) but because candor requires one to asks whether said action has functioned more as a racial bribe than a tool of justice.

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