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Election Season
The Left Rises in the Anglosphere
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  • christophergreen

    Since the NDP doesn’t believe in defense, if they get control of Canada, the country doesn’t have a chance of keeping their Arctic territories when Putin makes his move.

  • PKCasimir

    The idea that Canada is some kind of a rising power is risible and belied by the basic facts. Its Navy is rusting, its Air Force’s airplanes are aging into virtual obsolescence and its army ranks 75th in size in the world. All of this on a budget of $15.7 billion with a population of 35 million. The country shows no sign of a willingness to expand the Armed Forces and while the left of center NDP and Liberals will certainly eschew expanding Canada’s military capabilities, the fact is that even under Stephen Harper, a conservative prime minister the Canadian armed forces have been allowed to atrophy.
    Canada will not become a super power in energy unless it is willing to build cross country pipelines to export gas and oil to Europe and Asia since the shale revolution has significantly degraded the amount of energy it can export to the United States. The uproar in Canada over the building of the pipeline has been such that they are unlikely ever to be built. A large percentage of the blame for the failure of the TPP negotiations can be laid at Canada’s refusal to dismantle its dairy supply management system, a vestige of the 1930s approach to regulating an industry.
    I don’t see a rising power but a very small country struggling to stay relevant.
    I give Prof Mead’s paper a D.

    • FriendlyGoat

      You may be somewhat right, but you don’t paint a comforting picture of what’s on the other side of the world’s longest undefended border.

      • PKCasimir

        Somewhat”? I have been kind to Canada. Take this Canadian view by a very left of center magazine on the state of its navy.


        • FriendlyGoat

          So, what did the conservatives of Canada get when they elected Harper?

    • David Graeme

      I am afraid I am with PKCasimir (and FG, somewhat to my surprise) on this one. This essay is a very top-down, think-tank driven view of a centuries-old relationship that is a lot less friendly at the ground level than the paper assumes. As a person born in Canada but whose family emigrated when I was four years old, and lived in many other countries before finally settling in the United States, and obtaining US citizenship, I can say (based just on my experience, mind) that the visceral Canadian dislike of Americans is ever just below the surface, and it can take little and often nothing to provoke an anti-American outburst from a complete stranger (that one’s cousinage is anti-American is taken for granted). In what other country is one subjected to poisonous official frontier guard glares when presenting a US passport that records “Canada” as one’s place of birth?

      • LaurenRFrantz

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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Blue Model is in decline everywhere, including Canada. That it has had a resurgence here and there doesn’t mean it has the legs for a long run, or will accomplish much in its time in power.

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