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Immigration and Indenturement
American Indenturement in the 21st Century
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  • rheddles

    Having worked with H1B immigration issues in Silicon Valley it is my firm belief that our immigration system is rife with corruption and unfairness. Rent seekers all.

    • Kevin

      Agreed. The H1-B program and this one are disgraces. Tying workers to a single employer violates the fundamental idea of free labor at the heart of the XIII Amendement.

      • rheddles

        It’s not limited to any one program. The entire INS/ICE/whatever structure and laws are inherently corrupt and opportunities for the most corrupt members of the legal profession on and off the bench.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The right and left agree on????

    Sure, you can find lefties all day who will ask why such a thing as H-2 even exists—-given that we need a labor shortage to drive wages up. And you can find incorporated Republicans who are asking when they can get more guest workers in this program or any program.

    Glad to see TAI on the right side of this issue. I wish you weren’t with the party which wants to do more of it. After all, we haven’t asked Donald Trump who is going to replace all the “illegals” he wants rid of. Whaddaya bet his proposed wall has a big guest-worker door in it?

    • Kevin

      When the labor force participation rate is back up and wages are rising sharply we can discuss more immigration.

      • FriendlyGoat

        I don’t think there will ever be a day that the GOP will not want to discuss legal guest workers. The business community loves lower-cost employees and would prefer them with temporary legal permission to be here.

  • CapitalHawk

    “the H-2 program is for the economy’s bottom rung, designed to make it easier for employers to fill temporary, unskilled positions.”
    Uh, I thought that was what our border with Mexico was for.

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