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Into The Future
Amazon Launches Startups into the 21st Century

In a bid to help pair innovative startups with the advertisement and distribution infrastructure that so many entrepreneurs need, Amazon has today unveiled its newest platform, “Amazon Launchpad.” The online retail giant is hoping that Launchpad will make it much easier for new products to get to a larger market. Reuters:

The online retailer is partnering with more than 25 crowd-funding platforms like Indiegogo and venture capital firms to offer 200 products on the platform…Amazon said it is not working with Kickstarter in “any official capacity” for its program.

Some of the products are already availalbe on, but the program will be listed on Amazon’s Launchpad store. Amazon will manage inventory, fulfil orders using its own distribution network and provide customer service for a margin of the startup’s sales.

Entrepreneurs can attract massive interest in a new gadget through crowdfunding sites, but often find it difficult to actually market and distribute orders on time to a large number of consumers. […]

The era of stable, lifetime employment at big companies is gradually slipping away as the twenty-first century economy—focused around small businesses, services like Uber and Airbnb, and other jobs in the service sector—takes shape. That transition will create plenty of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, who will benefit from revolutions in information technology that have drastically lowered the costs of starting a business. Now is a fantastic time to start your own business: It’s already easier and cheaper to do so than ever before and developments like Amazon’s Launchpad platform could make it yet more simple for new companies to find their markets. More, please.

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  • Kevin

    While I hope this helps lead to greater opportunities and restores entrepeneurialusm to the U.S. economy I think you overstate the rise of the worker detached from corporate employment. The data I’ve seen recently shows that self employment and similar has actually declined over the last decade or so. Further such independent workers as exist tend to be ever more concentrated among the least skilled workers in the U.S. economy. The massive increase in regulation is making self employment more difficult while the rise of crony capitalism is further increasing the advantages large entrenched players enjoy.

    I think you should research and write a much more quantitative article on this change you see happening and not rely on heartwarming anecdotes.

  • Anti-Decadence

    Walter Russell Meade is the ultimate CUCKSERVATIVE.

    • JR

      Man, did you forget to pass the doobie to the left again? It is puff, puff, give. Don’t be bogarting that sheit man….

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