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Coming Apart
Elite Women Choosing Family Over Work
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  • GiveMeARaise

    So while the surveys might seem to vindicate the conservative view that women would opt for part time work or domestic motherhood if given the choice, they also highlight the fact that this choice is not actually available to the majority of the population—in part because of economic inequality and the lack of social support for low-income mothers.

    What we can’t do is return to the pre-welfare reform status quo which made middle-class families the ONLY group where Mom was expected to dress up, put on the game face and dash to the office every morning.

    This time, if we decide to help lower-income moms have more SAHM options, we have to help middle-class moms as well. It’s only fair.

    • Allan Theobald

      The choice is available to everyone. The first order of business is to get married. That is the key and should be the policy that is promoted. Single mothers will always be much worse off. It’s just simple math.

      • GiveMeARaise

        OK, who wants to give Rip Van Theobald a clue about what big gov has done to “simple math” for low-income families?

        • Allan Theobald

          And what exactly can be done to help middle class families ? They already pay virtually no income tax. What is your great plan?

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