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$15 Minimum
University of California Hops on Minimum Wage Bandwagon
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  • alanstorm

    Apparently, the UC system no longer teaches economics.

  • WigWag

    “Meanwhile, the counties home to the UC campuses with the smallest endowments and less wealthy student bodies—Merced, Riverside, Santa Cruz and Irvine—either do not have minimum wage ordinances or are in the process of repealing them (in part because these areas have a lower cost of living than the major metropolitan areas)” (JW)

    UC Irvine is located in the heart of Orange County. It hardly has a lower cost of living then most of the other “major metropolitan areas” of California.

  • CapitalHawk

    I think minimum wage laws harm that poor more than they help. They essentially create a cliff system where getting a job equals higher pay than you might otherwise earn but at the expense of making it harder to find a job (i.e. it increases unemployment).

    More important than that though, is to recognize that if there is going to be a minimum wage it should not be the same in San Francisco, CA as it is in Hays, Kansas (to pick an example at random) as the cost of living is these cities is wildly divergent. The concept of a national minimum wage set by the US Government is idiotic unless you are setting it so low that it is only really the minimum wage for places like Hays, Kansas. But if that is the case, what is the point – why not just let Hays or the State of Kansas set the minimum wage?

  • Blackbeard

    This has nothing to do with economics. The left backs this because it is good politics. If the right blocks these minimum wage increases then the right are heartless plutocrats. Vote Democratic! If these increases are implemented then unemployment and inequality will increase. Vote Democratic! Perfect win-win.

    • alanstorm

      Which only works because of the left’s tireless efforts to destroy any chance of an education occurring in this country.

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