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Arguing Abortion
‘Baby Parts’ and the Abortion Stalemate
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  • Proud Skeptic

    For decades the abortion lobby has done their best to sanitize the abortion process. They have complained when Pro Life groups stood outside of hospitals with posters showing dismembered babies. They have developed all kinds of medical sounding euphemisms for things that, if people could actually see what was being done, would cause them to recoil in horror. They distorted the science by couching it as a “woman’s right to choose”. A professional magician could do no better job of hiding what he was doing.

    I say put the baby parts on a tray. Take pictures, put them on the Internet and the nightly news, and let people make up their own minds about these “procedures”.

  • rheddles

    If Kenneth Gosnell wasn’t enough, this won’t be either.

  • iconoclast

    The video makes it clear that the PP ghoul was selling body parts (unit charges lead inexorably to that conclusion). Breaking federal law is entirely a function of whether or not the DoJ wants you convicted of a crime, not if you actually committed a crime. So I expect no real investigation from this administration but blithely asserting no laws were broken seems unwarranted.

  • CapitalHawk

    The American public has a weird view of morality. Abortion = ok. Selling the leftovers from an Abortion = NOT ok! Killing people via drone strike = ok. Not killing people and instead holding them in confinement in Guantanamo Bay = NOT ok!

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