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Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Kirchner Blames “Shylocks” for Her Troubles

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Krichner is at it again on social media. Haaretz reports:

In one tweet, Kirchner wrote that she had asked the children which Shakespeare work they were reading, and they replied “Romeo and Juliet.” “I said, you have to read The Merchant of Venice to understand the vulture funds,” she tweeted, saying everyone laughed.

“No, don’t laugh. Usury and bloodsuckers have been immortalized in the greatest literature for centuries,” she tweeted.

Neither accusations of Jews manipulating global financial markets nor Kirchner’s far-fetched conspiracies are new. In 2013, she accused a Jewish community leader of having ties to a “foreign espionage agency” and having knowledge of “a new terror attack planned against Argentina”.

The “vulture funds” that Kirchner compares to Shylock are not the source of Argentina’s trouble. Rather, what the judge in that case characterized as a “diplomacy of default” and Kirchner’s subsequent mismanagement of her country’s resources and opportunities are the roots of the problem. Kirchner’s bizarre theories may help her distract some from her own political failures, but they’re certainly doing nothing to help the ill health of the body politic.

The quality of mercy may not be strain’d; neither, though, is the value of knowing when to stop digging.

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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    It’s a mystery why Argentinians have repeatedly supported such lousy leaders.

    • CapitalHawk

      It’s no mystery. South and Central Americans believe, deep in their soul, in getting something for nothing. They are takers, not givers. The Catholic churches in the US have started to see this first hand as the new Hispanic arrivals are happy to attend church, but not so happy to put any money in the collection plate.
      Luckily, the USA will soon be more like our neighbors to the South since we keep importing more and more people with this mindset and then allowing them to vote. Of course, if you think that fundamentally altering the political culture of America is bad, you are a racist.

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