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Terrible Timing
Regulations Strangling Small Business Growth
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    We are 7 years into “Great Depression 2.0” and similar stupidities that occurred during “Great Depression 1.0” are being inflicted on America. New taxes (Obamacare, Social Security), new regulations, new economically destructive labor laws, as well as an incompetent Federal Reserve Bank that fails to fight the economically destructive deflation for fear of the merely irritating inflation. (Bankers actually love deflation as it make all their loan portfolios grow invisibly in value).

  • rheddles

    the Left has decided to do everything in its power to make the American system as inflexible and corporatist as possible.

    This is not the intention of the left as this sentence implies. The intention of the left is to assure that everyone live the life they wish to in full security and without want. To accomplish this they must control the actions and decisions of everyone otherwise everyone would act in their own self interest instead of the interest of everyone. They believe this is accomplished only by centralization of power and regulation of human behavior. This centralization is key to everything they advocate, whether in education, healthcare, manufacturing, banking or child care. The consequence is that innovation is stifled and big organizations that resist change are protected.

    The irony is that while the left espouses evolution of species and derides creationism, in all things social it favors centralized systems it can control to create the world it seeks instead of allowing individual decisions to evolve society into the best it can be.

    • RonRonDoRon

      “not the intention of the left”

      I think we’ve all heard what the road to hell is paved with.

  • MS61

    Strangling small business growth is a feature not a bug for Progressives. They abhor what they see as the chaos and messiness of American life. Markets are the largest and most successful way in which collective action can be taken in a society. The problem for Progressives is that the market is undirected collective action which, in their view, might result in the wrong actions. It is much simpler for the Administrative State to keep 100 companies in line rather than 1 million. Inhibiting the creation of smaller businesses and driving those already created out of business helps meet this goal.

    As rheddies points out centralization is the key. Centralization not just for government but laws and regs that drive the consolidation of business into fewer and larger entities.

  • charlesrwilliams

    And as small business is being strangled, big businesses succeed by pleasing government bureaucrats and buying political clout. This is backdoor socialism.

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