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Germany’s Energiewende Finds the Sour Spot
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Germans deserve this for being stupid idiots. They have likely seriously damaged their economy at the logistical level by making the cost of energy higher than the other countries they are in competition with. Modern civilization is built on cheap energy. Without cheap energy to replace muscle power, Germany is making physical labor more competitive than machines for some tasks. This can only be considered a step backwards into the dark ages, for which the Greens are no doubt gloating.

    • BasM

      France is now heading up to follow Germany.
      Their new laws target to reduce nuclear from present 75% now towards 50% in 2025, replacing it by renewable!

      Their government Institute ADEME concluded that 80% renewable deliver the cheapest electricity in 2050. Similar as the German Energiewende target!

  • Will Scribe @ RhymeAfterRhyme

    “20 years is a wind turbine’s life span,
    What happens then? Is there a plan?
    Thousands of turbines will then need replacing,
    A new energy crisis we will be facing….”


    • BasM

      All wind turbines in the first Danish offshore wind farm, which started in 1991, still operate (>25years). If wind turbines are replaced it’s almost always because bigger new wind turbines produce cheaper (lower cost per KWh).

      Those from 1991 were 400KW. Now we have 8MW (20 times more) operating with higher capacity factor (using winds at higher altitude, etc) and needing far less maintenance visits (now less than once a year).

      Wind turbines are simple machines, especially direct drives, just an axe with blades turning around. Those can last centuries as shown by the old Dutch windturbines from ~1700, which still operate.

  • Silverfiddle

    This is the result when you abandon reason for blind ideology. Sad to see Germans succumbing to such foolishness.

  • Boritz

    Let’s create a new generation of angry, fed-up Germans itching for reform from somewhere.

  • f1b0nacc1

    Energiewende for them….Shadenfreude for me

  • Bobd06

    I certainly hope this shows the world that environmentalists should never be allowed to sit at the adult policy table. They don’t have a clue or care what they do to other people because they see people as the problem.

  • BasM

    German economy is the most stable growing and biggest economy in Europe!

    The Energiewende is supported by ~90% of the population!
    Especial all nuclear out ASAP, as that is by far the most dangerous method of electricity generation. Also for our next generations due to the genetic damage it’s radiation causes (even normal operating nuclear power plants damage the genes of newborn in their surroundings).

    Big electricity consuming German industry, such as aluminum smelters, pay less for electricity than in any other EU country. It caused an EU survey in response to unfair competition accusations.
    So no German industry is looking to move abroad because of electricity rates!

    While nuclear share in total consumed electricity was reduced from 29% in 2000 (=start Energiewende) to 15% in 2015, the share of fossil fuel was also reduced by ~10%, while renewable increased from 6% towards 33% in 2015 (most wind + solar).

    Av. German households pay lower share of their income for electricity than av. USA households!

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