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Iran Unbowed
State Dept: Iran Still a Leading Terror Sponsor
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  • Procivic

    Just in case you haven’t caught on to the “terrorist” trick, here’s the deal:

    The true meaning of the term “terrorist” has almost been lost by its repeated misuse in justifying short-term political ends..

    Iran supports the popular-based Hamas and Hezbollah, one standing firm in the face of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and the other opposing serial Israeli invasions of Lebanon. By retaining Iran on the “terrorist” list Washington is ignoring the rights of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples in favor of supporting Israeli policies of apartheid, aggression and expansionism.

    Among the real terrorists in the Middle East are the various groups that, in some cases with U.S. military assistance, have destroyed the ancient land of Syria. More deadly are the Saudi-backed ISIS/ISIL/Daesh whose stated aims include measures to eradicate religious minorities as well as to diminish human history by blowing up all pre-Islamic antiquities.

    • JR

      I did catch up on the fact that you are copying and pasting your posts. Any more anti-Israeli propaganda you want to spew?
      Also, I’m sure families of victims of 1983 bombing in Beirut would be relieved to know that the killers of their sons are not “terrorists” as you define it.

    • Tom

      Popular-based–so were the Bolsheviks. And the Nazis. And the Terror. And Jim Crow. Just because it’s “popular-based” doesn’t mean it’s good.
      As to the goals you’ve stated, let’s ignore the fact that Hamas and Hezbollah hide among civilian populations and are largely responsible for the very things you claim they are against.

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