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Critical Thinking
Another Green Comes to His Senses on GMOs
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  • Andrew Allison

    As I’ve noted before, there’s no such thing as a non-GMO.

  • Blackbeard

    There have been a number of prominent Greens who have dissented from environmental orthodoxy just as some top climate scientists have dissented from the ACGW consensus. They become pariahs and are ignored and vilified by the mainstream Green groups. Sadly these people are religious fanatics and will not be dissuaded by something so flimsy as facts.

    If you was to see real evil in action Google “Golden Rice” and read the sad story of what Greenpeace, and other environmental groups, have done to millions of third world children. All of my self righteous liberal friends support these groups and pat themselves on the back for their enlightenment. Fools.

    • fastrackn1

      Here is a link to the Wiki page that gives a condensed article about Golden Rice.

      If you will notice in the article, one of the main arguments against the rice is: “golden rice proponents were obscuring the limited availability of diverse and nutritionally adequate food.” That is not even an argument because the people being fed by it don’t have access to any good food anyway.

      The article also goes on and mentions about “extreme left” groups protesting and uprooting an experimental plot of the rice.
      Sad how the extreme left is always violently protesting issues, and destroying private and public property to get their point across….

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