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Frack Baby Frack
Why Argentina’s So Excited About a Dead Cow
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  • Fat_Man

    Argentina’s problem has never been lack of resources. It has always been a poisonous political atmosphere. Kirchner is not a mutant, she is what every Argentinian politician for the past 70 years has been. IIRC, around 1920, Argentina had the fourth highest per capita GDP in the world. Now it is down around 40th or lower.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “In South America we can see progress in both Brazil and Argentina. Both countries are disappointments historically: that is, both have immense resources but neither has been able to do what the U.S. did in the 19th century—to convert the wealth that comes from commodity production into a diversified, competitive modern economy that can support a first world living standard for the majority of the population.”

    You see this opinion frequently, that America is so successful because of it’s great resources, but this is wrong. It doesn’t explain how Japan, a nation with extremely limited resources is a 1st world country. What it comes down to is Culture, it is American Culture which is responsible for American Success, not its geographical location or basic material resources. Given this fact, I will believe Argentina is going to develop Shale Oil when it starts to produce Shale Oil, and not a minute sooner. Also, Chevron isn’t one of the American Shale Oil developers, and Aldo Guerrero is a rig manager not a geologist or fracking specialist, he can drill holes but how much of the proprietary fracking knowledge does he have?

  • tedpeters

    Kirchner and Dilma have both undermined their country’s prosperity with the familiar mix of ineffective populist nostrums and institutionalized political corruption? Hmmm… seems like the road the US will also keep on if we elect Hillary.

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