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A High-Stakes Game of Chicken
Is the Saudi Oil Strategy Working?
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  • JR

    I was on vacation last week, and filling up my gas tank was a lot less painful than it was at the same time last year, So yes, it’s working just fine from where I am sitting.

  • Thom Burnett

    I thought American Interest knew better than to think that the world revolves around the USA.

    The point of lowering prices is that it hurts Iran. They are in a bitter war with Shia Islam and believe (probably correctly) that low oil prices hurts Iran more than it hurts them. What it does to the USA, Europe, Venezuela, etc is of very little importance to them.

    They’re also versed in markets sufficient to know that they can’t drive out new technologies by temporarily making the market less inviting. They know that lowering the prices and then raising prices again after some competition goes away just doesn’t work. The competition comes right back as soon as the price rises to justify more drilling

    I expect this sort of ignorance from the New York Times.

    • Loader2000


    • Ellen

      Right you are. Iran was always the main target of Saudi oil policies, and their action is having the intended effect. It is getting harder and harder for Iran to subsidize all the civil wars it has instigated.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I’m not at all sure that the Saudi’s target is American Shale Oil, it’s seems more likely to be nuke seeking Iran and Russia who are supporting and funding the Shiite Jihadists in the middle-east. Saudi Arabia has Shiite Jihadists just across its borders in Yemen and Iraq, and has now joined with Turkey and the Sunni Jihadist organizations of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

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