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High Noon
Iran’s Ship Seizure and the Limits of Patience
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  • fastrackn1

    “Over and over again, Iran has shown that it wants to make Obama’s life more difficult the more he reaches out to it.”

    And Obummer just keeps coming back for more….

  • JR

    Iranian regime is acting completely reasonably. If you think your opponent will give in to matter what you do, why would you not push your advantage as far as it can go? Because Barack Obama stood in front of the cameras and read from a teleprompter? Please….

  • Pave Low John

    No one in Congress is going to do anything about Iran. They aren’t complete fools, they saw happened to Bob Menendez (with nary a peep from the media, naturally), so don’t expect anything from that branch of government. Unless the Iranians do something completely insane, they’re going to get nuclear weapons and the only people that might do something about it are the Israelis (with some covert help from Jordan and the Saudis, of course)….

  • Louisiana Steve

    Time for a naval blockade of Iran if the ship is not released. If they seize another, shipping will come to a grinding halt and demand US escorts before shipping can resume. Either way, a naval confrontation is inevitable.

  • Anthony

    The ship is owned by the conglomerate Maersk (Danish) and uses Marshall Island flag. Iran claims company owes money but firing on cargo ship can be viewed as provocative given tensions and U.S. warship in Arabian sea.

    “By taking a non-U.S. ship…at a moment of high tension in the region, Iran has again put Washington in tough spot….” That appears to be the conventional wisdom but who truly knows – patience really is an appropriate virtue at present.

    • Collins K

      It is now very evident that putting Obama in a ‘tough spot’ as Russia’s Putin has done so many times, one can almost get away with anything. He is a great leader but an indecisive one at that.

      • halpap

        Great? In what way? If he would treat the Iranians the way he treats the Republicans, he might get movement.

        • Collins K

          Well for starters the economy rebounded to bullish record-setting levels after the worst recession since the great depression, he largely dismantled al-qaeda and began to withdraw from those areas, he is responsible for major improvements in foreign relations and US status in the world, and he tried to overhaul healthcare. I could go on and on about his accomplishments but those Republicans’ only interest is making a Democratic president look bad. Oh and maximizing corporate profits for all those powerful backers they have.

  • Government Drone

    “Patience is a virtue, but it is not the only virtue.”
    As other people have noticed, the Obama administration has been more than reasonable to the ayatollahs; the US can just drop all negotiations saying “look, we tried” & this would be perfectly honorable & obviously true.
    But this administration reminds me more & more of a woman who won’t leave an abusive husband/boyfriend, where you don’t know whether to pity her or just shout “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!” It almost seems that the fact that Iran is being so nasty that keeps Obama & Co. coming back for more negotiations. You see this to a lesser degree with other nations the current administration is trying to improve relations with, like Cuba & Venezuela; it’s as if their anti-Americanism in some way makes Obama think he has a basis for friendship.

    • Dale Fayda

      Good point.

    • Collins K

      Obama is only trying to seal his legacy as ‘peacekeeper’ perhaps to merit his Nobel prize, and also to aid his administrations policy of revanchism for US credibility in the world.

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