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War in Yemen
Renewed Fighting Rocks Yemen

So much for the truce in Yemen. As Reuters reports:

Air raids, naval shelling and ground fighting shook Yemen on Sunday in some of the most widespread combat since a Saudi-led alliance intervened last month against Iranian-allied Houthi militia who have seized large tracts of the country.

There were at least five air strikes on military positions and an area near the presidential palace compound in the Houthi-held capital Sanaa at dawn on Sunday, while warships pounded an area near the port of the southern city of Aden, residents said.

Far from being over, the fighting seems in some ways to have escalated: the Sunni militias are reportedly using tanks and Katyusha rockets for the first time, and seem to have made progress around the city of Taiz.

In response to these developments, a spokesman for Iran’s navy said that the vessels it had sent two weeks ago to “combat piracy” would remain in the Gulf of Aden for at least several months. The United States sent the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt to the Gulf of Aden last week in response to intelligence indicating that an Iranian flotilla had set out to arm the Houthi rebels. That flotilla turned back, but Iran’s naval vessels will linger.

As if the standoff at sea wasn’t dangerous enough, Iran is openly taunting Saudi Arabia. A high-ranking Iranian general said Iran hopes and expects to see the Saudi family fall any day now, and, in the most devastating of insults, accused the Kingdom of “following the path of Israel.” The Ayatollah himself made a similar remark in a recent speech, his first open attack on the Sunni monarchy.

As it happens, the Kingdom is pretty much on the same page as Israel, at least when it comes to Iran. Both goggle at a U.S. Administration that tries to haggle over nukes while letting Iran run loose in their backyard. Now Tehran gloats while dragging out the nuclear negotiations and torching the Kingdom’s deck chairs. Has the Obama Administration seen the error of its ways and pulled back towards balancing the Sunnis against Iran’s regional ambitions? One can only hope.

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  • Fat_Man

    “Has the Obama Administration seen the error of its ways and pulled back
    towards balancing the Sunnis against Iran’s regional ambitions?”

    Don’t be silly. They are just more bitterly attacking people who disagree with them. Obama’s performance Saturday night was both embarrassing and diagnostic. He is absolutely sure of his rightness, and that disagreements with him are personal attacks, not good faith disagreements about policy.

    “At correspondents dinner, Obama lets second-term anger out” By Byron York | April 26, 2015 |

  • fastrackn1

    The silver lining in the increased fighting in Yemen is that ever more Musloids will get sent to receive their complimentary virgins….

  • Jerome Ogden

    “Has the Obama Administration pulled back towards balancing the Sunnis against Iran’s regional ambitions?”

    Not a chance. “Balancing” is for realist wimps, not the knee-jerk interventionists who infest Obama’s foreign policy structure from top (Nuland, Rice, Power) to bottom.

    We will know that realism has managed to inject itself back into Obama’s Mideast policy when(1) we stop helping Iran destroy ISIS in Iraq, its worst enemy and the only Sunni bulwark between Iran and complete hegemony in Mesopotamia (2) we join Israel in quietly helping Nusra Front and other Sunni groups in Syria to balance Assad, Iran and Hezbollah in that civil war, and (3) we lean on Saudi Arabia to stop destroying the only capable anti-AQAP military force in Yemen, the Houthi and their pro-Saleh Yemeni military allies.

    Don’t hold your breath.

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