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Immigration Crisis
A Global Humanitarian Catastrophe
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  • fastrackn1

    Hopefully we won’t become more of a welfare country than we already are. Let the troubled countries fix their own problems…that they created.
    We have enough to fix right here at home….

    • Clayton Holbrook

      Unfortunately, it’s poor US policy that helped contribute to this problem.

      • fastrackn1

        Just the fact that the US exists has done more (technology, medicine, a constitution for aspiring countries to look up to, etc., etc., etc), for all the crap countries than it has hurt them.
        It is not our fault, nor our job, to wet-nurse the world’s bad genetics and bad cultures along through their existence.
        Just as every individual rises to their own level of incompetence, so does every nation.

        Egalitarianism is a myth perpetuated by the intellectual elites as they try to steer us away from our basic instincts into some dream-land higher consciousness….

    • Corlyss

      The Europeans are worse off than we are, and look at ’em now! Falling all over themselves to take in as many of these unskilled illiterates as they can, indifferent to the immediate problems they will pose, instead of destroying the cause of the problem. I don’t hold out much hope for the matter getting a full thoughtful vetting here if we are put in a position to take thousands of the refugees. I’ll bet Doofus is trying to figure out how he can bring them here as some form of national atonement and coincidentally sign them up to the party even as we speak. Boneheaded editorials like the above that hold us responsible for the mess will proliferate like cat videos on YouTube.

  • Pete

    Send them back.

  • Corlyss

    Cute that, blaming the U.S. for the mess. Subsaharan Africa has been a cesspool of violent murderous tribes for thousands of years, interrupted briefly by the short-lived colonial period. When the Europeans left, it resumed normal programming as it were, whether the tribes called themselves Communists or something more traditional. And yet the colonial period continues to be denounced as if it were as fatally evil as the acceptably reviled Nazi period.

    One the should be clear to everyone by now, after Milosevich, Charles Taylor, Boko Haram, ISIS, al Qaeda, and all their death cult kindred of Cain and the accompanying world indifference, the holocaust wasn’t personal or unusual. It was tragically normal.

    • mdmusterstone

      True, Corlyss. And all the blather scat about not “letting it happen again” never advances a solution to millions of people who cannot or will not become net contributors to the EU. Wanting to help does not mean instigating a national suicide pact.

  • adk

    “President Obama has 21 months left in his tenure; let us hope he makes good use of them.”

    The best hope would be that he stops digging the hole he put himself in deeper, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • FriendlyGoat

    We cannot presume that God (per Christianity) blesses us for having no regard for these people. Likewise, we cannot presume that their plight is either caused by or dependent upon leadership from the president of the United States. Wherever people are dislocated due to Islamic conflict, why not blame Islam? Wherever they are dislocated by other rifts, why not blame those other rifts?

    • Fred

      Your first sentence is probably true, but I’m not sure demonstrating no regard for these people and not allowing them to overwhelm our culture and our resources are quite the same thing. I would be all for giving out of our abundance but not for excessively draining our resources and producing social disorder. I don’t entirely disagree with your second sentence either. There is a mentality that blames Obama (or Bush) for the weather (Literally in the case of Bush. Remember Katrina?). It is certainly not the U.S. or our presidents’ fault that people in the Middle East tend to be savages. That said, I think it is fair to ask if there was anything American policy could have done to prevent or mitigate the conflicts and if any American foreign policy mistakes have exacerbated them, not just to assign blame, but to learn from our mistakes and prevent us making them again in the future.

      • FriendlyGoat

        There is really no answer to Islam except to get people to stop believing that Mohammad is the prophet of anything. Certainly there may be a few gracious and gentle ideas residing with “some” Muslims which are rooted in secular human kindness and perhaps with a few parallels to some of the teachings of Jesus. But whatever is good about Islam is in spite of their prophet, not because of him. So debunking the utter myth that ALL the sayings of Mohammad supersede everything else in human thought is task #1 and NOT an easy matter with 1.6 billion people marinated in nonsense.

        Certainly Europe and the USA cannot become the physical refuge of everyone needing to escape the Middle East and Africa. We need to transform those regions. Dictators are/were one answer, but not the best one. Sensible voters in Islamic places would be better.

        I know what I am saying sounds unrealistic, but accommodating the prophet in his entirety is making matters worse, not better. Ideally, we need clerics who can get away with throwing the violent half of it out the window. And we all need to talk of hope for that accomplishment.

        • fastrackn1

          Crusades are the only answer.
          Anything else is just fooling ourselves into believing we (humans) have become enlightened since the first crusades….

  • Rick Johnson

    He hasn’t made good use of his time for all the months he has been there. Why would that change in the last 21 months. If anything he is likely to become more vindictive and chaotic in his last days.

  • Mark Hamilton

    Maybe we should overthrow the government of Morocco next. Don’t worry, Arab Spring will happen.

  • Frank Messmann

    There is a safe land route for the Africans, and its terminus is in the wealthiest, best armed country in the Middle East. Israel. Africans could remain there for a generation and prove the benefits of diversity.

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