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World Refugee Crisis
Fleeing Libya, Muslims Throw Christian Refugees Overboard

Italian police have arrested men accused of throwing 12 Christians off of a boat during a voyage from Libya to Italy. The Jerusalem Post reports:

According to police, the suspects, all Muslim, hailed from Mali, Senegal and the Ivory Coast. The 12 Christians who were killed came from Nigeria and Ghana.

During the incident, Palermo police reported that others on the boat “strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain” and thus avoided a similar fate to those killed.

Stories like this are catnip for nationalist parties in Europe worried about the cultural effects of immigration and inter-religious tension.

Moreover, the world is seeing enormous and possibly still growing levels of refugee migration. According to the New York Times, Syria’s neighbors are being overwhelmed by more than four million refugees, and many are taking steps to restrict the flow. Western governments have still only taken in a relatively small number of Syrian refugees, despite the UN’s calls for them to open their doors.

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  • JR

    This article is false. The smartest man who ever became President told me that Islam is the religion of peace.

  • Pete

    Look, nobody needs atrocities like this to worry about Third World muslims flooding into one’s country.

    Muslims do not belong in the West. They can only degrade its culture.

    • Dan Greene

      And do you also feel that there should be no Westerners in the Muslim world?

      • Pete

        No, as somebody has to try and civilize and uplift them.

        • Dan Greene


          • Pete

            That is a very legitimate question, Dan.

            It can be best answer in some of the last words of Christ before His ascension into Heaven:

            “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

          • Dan Greene

            Yes, OK, but why do we need the 5th Fleet in Bahrain, drone strikes in Yemen, the invasion of Iraq, etc to preach the gospel? Besides, aren’t there Christians in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq who are already preaching the Gospel? Why do we need to do it, and if we do need to do it, why with main force? That was never Christ’s way.

          • Pete

            I agree with you.

            If the muslims countries or societies are a threats to America, break their backs.

            If not, let them stew in their own juices.

          • Corlyss

            Because they export instability . . . .

      • Corlyss

        Unfortunately, they export instability. Someone has to do the dirty job of civilizing these 9th Century holdovers. What’s really regrettable is the West has no stomach for the job what with the ankle-biting multiculti crowd, the aggressive rights organizations, and the west’s heart-felt belief that it is more important to be loved and admired rather than safe.

        • Dan Greene

          Who exports instability? Europe brought lots of Muslims from its former empires (or former WW I ally in the case of Germany). All the decisions were European decisions–not “Muslim” decisions. Europeans imported instability and also sowed it in the Arab world with their insane drawing of borders.

          • Corlyss

            You have a point. But there were plenty of Muslim decisions along the way from 1945-2015. I’m thinking of Bat Ye’or’s dhimmitude thesis and how the PetroArabs have used their exported laborers to demand concession after concession for their ex-pats AND complete fealty to the Arabs’ vendetta against the Jews. First the Arabs refuse to modernize their societies, their economies suffer, workers leave for jobs elsewhere, then those workers become a Fifth Column. Europeans certainly didn’t help matters with their sudden decision to prostrate themselves in the face of a more vigorous culture to atone for “sins” of colonization.

      • Dale Fayda

        There aren’t any Westerners in the Muslim world!

        Aside from a tiny number of high-skill expats working in some of the oil-rich sheikdoms, there are virtually no Westerners moving to any majority Muslim country and there most likely never will be. There has never been, there isn’t now nor will there ever be a large flow of indigent, backward Westerners breaking their legs to get into the psychotic Mohammedan purgatory that you call the “Muslim world”.

        So to answer your question – yes, I’ll gladly take the swap. No Westerners in the Muslim world and no Muslims in the Western world. Deal?

        Pete is absolutely right – Muslims can ONLY degrade the Western culture. Whatever cultural achievements Muslims have made are long in the past and a Muslim cultural/scientific/economic revival is an impossibility for at least several lifetimes.

        • Dan Greene

          That means no US or other Western military forces deployed into the ME ever again, right? It means no western expats in the oil industry. They can be replaced by the Chinese (which, along with the new Asia Investment Bank and the new China International Payment System, will help hasten the end of the petrodollar.) And the state of Israel, formed by immigrants/invaders from Europe must be dissolved and sovereignty returned to the Palestinians. They can return to a warm welcome in Europe–somewhere.

          The other side of your “deal” means that all the Pakistanis, Algerians, and Turks are deported and Europe finds an alternative source of cheap menial labor (which is why they were brought in in the first place.)

          Let’s do the deal and see what happens.

          • Dale Fayda

            Yes! Let’s do the deal!

            I can only dream of the day when the plague of fanatical, indigent and perpetually indignant Muslims is gone from Europe, Israel and the US. Which side will make out best out of that exchange, do you think?

            Of course, you know that this is all academic – the Muslims will never leave of their own accord. The harsh wheel of history will turn and yet again attempts religious and ethnic integration will blow up in humanity’s face, as they have every single time since these things became discernible phenomena. It’s just a question of time and relative population numbers.

            Try to remember this – no matter how much you personally appease, praise or cajole the, when push comes to shove (and it eventually will), you will still be an “infidel” and it will go just as bad for you as it would for me.

          • Dan Greene

            “Of course, you know that this is all academic – the Muslims will never leave of their own accord.”

            More to the point, WE will never leave the Middle East of OUR own accord. Too many goodies.

    • Corlyss

      Huntington is looking smarter by the day.

      People like Murray and Huntington who describe what is come in for a lot of hostility from those whose ideological constructs do not match reality. “Boy! You have a point!” is never the reaction to Truth Tellers. “Crush! Maim! Kill” the messenger seems to be the universal reaction.

  • Dan Greene

    I sure am glad we supported the overthrow and murder of Qaddafi. Now Libya is in chaos and producing this kind of disaster.

    • iconoclast

      Smart Power ™

  • theresanursemom

    Gratitude sure has changed these days hasn’t it? The Obama administration seems to view behavior like this from Muslims like it’s a college fraternity prank, ala toilet paper in the trees. What kind of people in their right mind would allow these savages into their country? The same kind that elect liberals into positions of power…I guess we should start looking for Mexican catholic corpses floating in the Rio Grande,

  • Corlyss

    Guess the boat was too crowded. What I don’t understand is how long is it going to take the numbnuts in Europe to start sending these people back instead of warehousing them in Europe. Even warehousing is better than the lives the refugees had, and in Europe there’s plenty of rights organizations that will wale the living tar out of strapped governments to “care” for these asylum seekers. The governments seem to have no idea how to say “no” and make it stick.

    • Dan Greene

      I agree that Europe should not allow itself to become a “Camp of the Saints.” It will require a consistent and robust naval presence in international waters just outside the territorial limits of North African countries and some mechanism to return them immediately to Africa. But destabilizing Libya certainly didn’t help the situation.

      • Corlyss

        If I thought what we did in Libya was the proximate cause of its destabilization, I’d agree. But given what started with the Arab Spring in the Maghreb, I’m just not sure Libya wouldn’t have been overwhelmed anyway. If Egypt could go as fast as it did, would Libya have been exempt? Was its strong man in a better position than Assad to stave off rebellion? Robert Kaplan predicted massive instability in the region in 2000 because of increasing urbanization, lack of robust economies, and chronically young populations across the Arab lands, not just here and there. Well, it arrived in 2010, and in THE nation he described as well-situated to establish the most liberal democratic Arab regime in the region because the-then dictator []was enlightened enough to see the advantages in modernism, market economy, and representative democracy and smart enough to understand how it had to evolve.

        • Dan Greene

          Libya might have collapsed anyway. The creation of Libya by oil interests and others, i.e., the artificial fusing of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, was always a potential issue. Nevertheless, the West actively pursued Q.’s overthrow, and Libya is definitely not better off for it.

  • Corlyss

    “Stories like this are catnip for nationalist parties in Europe worried about the cultural effects of immigration and inter-religious tension.”

    Yeah. Go on burying your elitist head in the comfortable cultural-relativism sand that denies uniqueness to European cultures while simultaneously ascribing precious uniqueness that must be cosseted to the immigrant cultures. [[dot]com/watch?v=94bdMSCdw20 ] Once it’s gone, honey, you and your ilk won’t be able to reconstruct or recreate what was lost by your lack of cultural self-confidence.

  • mdmusterstone

    The Australians solved this problem. Different geography sure but the problem was addressed in the obvious way… You’re not com’n here bloke!

  • Ellen

    There is a lot of ignorance floating around in this conversation. The horrible inability of Muslims to adapt to the modern world is the result of decisions made by their own leaders. True, the Sykes-Picot borders were lunatic. But the collapse of the Turkish Empire in 1918 would have led to mass slaughter as we see now under all conceivable circumstances except one. That one circumstance would have been permanent European or Russian colonization. It was only during the that brief period after 1918 when the Europeans ran things that you had relatively little intercommunal slaughter. The other option is the Turkish millet system which kept mass killing to a minimum, but that was also due to an Empire – the Turkish one.

    There has never been any real Arab sovereignty anywhere in the Middle East – the place has always been run by Empires of some power. To talk about Arab sovereignty anywhere in the Levant, especially by the Palestinians who were invented as a group of people only in 1967, is a display of historical ignorance or worse.

    The Arabs are now roadkill for the Empire-building of various people, but not Europeans who are out of the game. And certainly not Americans. Most likely – the Iranians, Turks, Kurds, Israelis, Indians, and Ethiopians (!) will split the region into zones of influence, much like Vladimir Putin envisions for himself in Eastern Europe. That is the way the cookie crumbles for failing civilizations.

    • Dan Greene

      >>”There is a lot of ignorance floating around in this conversation.”

      Yes, and a disproportionate part of it is in your post.

      >>”There has never been any real Arab sovereignty anywhere in the Middle East”

      Huh? Umayyad Caliphate, Abbasid Caliphate, Fatimid Caliphate, etc, etc….Modern states of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. What are you talking about? If your point is that the Ottoman Turks and then European empires intervened for about 700 years to subject Arabs to non-Arab sovereignty, well that’s true. But at least the Arabs didn’t run away to Europe and then expect to be welcomed back 1500 years later.

      Palestinians wanted to be part of a greater Syria. That desire was documented by the King-Crane Commission in 1919 when the Arabs made up 92% of the population of Palestine. Once the imperially-sponsored Zionist invasion got underway, culminating in the imposition of a Jewish state on the indigenous Arab population, and the Palestinians were severed from Syria (under Sykes-Picot), they adopted the Palestinian identity which is no less authentic for its being a 20th century adaptation to the theft of their land by Zionism and the Israeli state.

      Your last paragraph is a hodge-podge of utter nonsense. The Indians and the Ethiopians? What are you smoking?

      Yes, Iran and Turkey will have influence among the Arabs, but they both know that overplaying their hands will put them in the same situation as the US in Iraq or the Saudis in Yemen. That’s why Turkey refuses to intervene in Syria even though they would like to see an end to the Assad regime. That’s why Iran is so cautious in its dealings with the Arabs. Khomeini’s hard-sell backfired just as the Safavi hard-sell backfired. Southern Iraq was Shi’ified with a soft sell in the 19th century. The Khamenei-Rouhani team has learned a good deal from the immediate and more distant past.

      Ellen, you really are a case study in self-delusion. Seek help immediately!

  • Omar

    “Stories like this are catnip for nationalist parties in Europe worried about the cultural effects of immigration and inter-religious tension.”

    Yes, obviously the REAL problem with the theologically justified genocidal hatred of Christians by Islamic supremacists and the full-on destruction of Christianity throughout the middle east is, in actuality, the bad PR suffered by ISLAM and MUSLIMS
    (sarc off).

  • fastrackn1

    We need Christians to start killing Musloids….

  • Goldenah

    There are over 50 countries in Africa, quite a few are under populated. The eastern Gulf States are absurdly wealthy. Middle Asian countries ending in “stan” have plenty of land and similar cultures for the refugees. Yet, everyone of them always heads for the West. The only problem is that culturally there’s a mismatch going on that will linger for generations. Note the return of the “youths” going to fight in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. The people flooding the West know who they are and are unwilling to change. The western countries which regard themselves as “free”, liberal, tolerant, capitalistic, modestly Christian, and open-minded wont be for much longer – simply based on demographics. These qualities that brought the culturally mismatched will be overwhelmed, consumed and devoured. Fascinating problem the west has: an elite leadership, which takes a “comfortable”, enlightened, progressive western civilization for granted. It takes 99% of the population to keep their standard of living intact, not just the top 1%.

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