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Operation Soothe-the-Sunnis
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  • gabrielsyme

    we’d better hope we have a President as visionary as he seems to think…

    So, to summarise, we are in deep shit.

    • johne843

      I know! If only we had the intellectual giants from the comment section of TAI calling the shots in the Situation Room.

      • Gene

        So deplorable policy-making skills and a near-complete lack of foresight are OK with you? Says a lot.

      • f1b0nacc1

        To paraphrase the late Bill Buckley, I would rather be ruled by the first two hundred names chosen at random from the DC telephone directory than by the current crowd in DC

  • Fat_Man

    Sometimes I wonder if everybody at the White House has developed Alzheimer’s. They can’t seem to remember from one day to the next what they just did or why.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Sadly no…if they simply forgot, there would at least be a chance that they would try something different the next time.

  • Ellen

    What, pray tell, did anyone expect from the duncecap from Beacon Hill, as chief negotiator, and the Rev. Wright disciple as spiritual guru for the talks with Iran? They haven’t seen one damn thing after another coming down the pipeline for the past 6 years. It was pretty clear that if Obama intervened in the Israeli election against Bibi, that he would win as a form of payback. He did, quite decisively, and the Obamoids are shocked, just shocked, that their blatant intervention failed. They didn’t see the blowback, surrounded by sycophants and David Ignatius, spinning every failure as a success.

    Of course, their support for Shiite hegemony in the Levant would produce another sort of blowback, and it is already. The visionaries from Beacon Hill and the South Side of Chicago can’t see beyond their out-of-joint noses. The reason why Nusra in Northern Syria is breaking the so-called stalemate in the Syrian Civil War, is because it is receiving much greater support from Saudi, Qatar and even Turkey, which stood on the sidelines for the past 4 years waiting for Obama to coordinate support for the rebels. Clearly, he has taken the side of the Shiites, so the Sunni parties are finally getting off the dime and providing serious support themselves. In the South of Syria, where Soleimani’s army was just defeated in two arenas, the Israelis and Saudis are coordinating support for the rebels.

    When Central Syria falls to a coalition of Islamists led by al Nusra, how will Ignatius and the Amen Corner spin that as an Obama success?

  • Nevis07

    That’s a good summary of event I would say. Either way, it would seem at best regional security is getting no better and probably less secure. I think there is an inherently naive hope among Americans and certainly in this Administration that think if we just push a reset button, that everything will work out and we can all hold hands. Didn’t work with Russia and it won’t work with securing ME peace.

    I don’t like the concept of even more nukes in the ME potentially on the table – unstable regimes surrounded by Islamic extremists and jihadists. That’s quite concerning. All the more reason to sign Keystone, expand fracking and getting out of the region with only the most basic representation there – I’m more than happy at this point to let theological Persians and Wahabi Arabs go at it. Just give Israel the backing it needs to continue to protect itself and wash our hands of it. If the Europeans or Chinese want to secure their oil flow on their own they can go ahead with their own simplistic ideas of the region.

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