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Fun Times in the Caucasus
Chechnya Threatens U.S. with Mexican Invasion

If the United States arms Ukraine, Chechnya will send arms to Mexico, the speaker of Chechnya’s parliament announced earlier this week. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has the details:

Chechen Parliament Speaker Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov said the arms would be aimed at reigniting U.S.-Mexican disputes over “territories annexed by the United States in the American states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and part of Wyoming.”

“We will perceive arms shipments to Ukraine as a signal to respond in kind,” Abdurakhmanov said in a March 24 statement posted on the Chechen parliament’s website.

President Obama, who is facing mounting bipartisan pressure in Congress to arm Ukraine, need not worry about a Mexican revolution, at least as far as Russia is concerned: Russian officials reportedly said no such plan was in fact being considered.

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  • Pete

    Mexico does not need arms to invade the U.S. The invasion has been underway for quite some time using the Mexican underclass to cross into america as illegal aliens.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Now we know the speaker of Chechnya’s parliament is unhinged. Discounting the motivation, speaking of a geopolitical impossibility does not make that speaker credible.

  • Fat_Man

    Doesn’t the Mexican Drug cartel get all the weapons it needs from the US BATF? What would they want with old Russian junk.

  • Proud Skeptic

    I guess the fact that the US paid $25 million for the land we “annexed” from Mexico (California, New Mexico, Arizona…) doesn’t factor into the Chechen Parliament’s thinking…nor does the $10 million we paid them for the Gadsden Purchase. Then, of course, there is Texas, who fought and won a war for independence with Mexico and then asked to become a state.

    So…tell me about this “annexed” land, again? Just, exactly where is that? Maybe they are talking about the land that Mexico stole from Spain during their fight for independence…Yeah…that must be it…

    • Albert8184

      In fact, you might could say that Mexico needs to give back every bit of the land it still has, that it stole from the native peoples of central America over the past 500 years. Mexico is a European invention, complete with the emporer’s Napoleonic dress uniform and the Virgin Mary.

  • Albert8184

    He’s fifty years too late on that threat. We’re fighting off the invasion with green cards, food stamps and freeway citizenship for the kiddies whose parents make it across the Rio Grande before mommy’s water breaks.

    America’s Republicrat party is the weapon of mass destruction.

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