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The Middle East in Flames
Egypt-Saudi Invasion of Yemen Imminent

Egypt and Saudi Arabia will shortly invade Yemen, the AP reports:

Egyptian security and military officials say Saudi Arabia and Egypt will lead a ground operation in Yemen against Shiite rebels and their allies after a campaign of airstrikes to weaken them.

Three senior officials tell The Associated Press that forces would enter by land from Saudi Arabia and by sea from the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. They said Thursday that other nations will also be involved.

They would not specify troop numbers or say when the operation would start, only that it would be after airstrikes weaken the rebels and allied forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Egyptians’ decision to return to Yemen, which is essentially their Vietnam, is extremely significant. It reflects both enormous fear on the part of the Sunni powers and the strength of the Saudi-led alliance.

Events in Yemen continue to accelerate much faster than many experts predicted, and the potential for widespread sectarian war between Sunni and Shi’a grows more acute by the day. In some ways this portends even more trouble than ISIS’s fight against Iran’s proxies in Syria and Iraq: that fight is both bloody and strategically important, but ISIS is also an enemy of the Sunni powers (whose rule it wants to overthrow). Now, the Saudis and their allies are clearly prepared to confront Iran’s allies head-on.

The price of the Obama Administration’s comprehensive failure of strategy in the Middle East may be very high.

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  • rheddles

    Especially if there are significant numbers of IRGC assisting the Houthis. Be interesting to see how the Sunnis deal with the Iranians they run into.

  • JR

    But… but…. but…. I was told by the smartest person to ever be President that Yemen is a model to be followed everywhere. What is going on here?

    • Diggsc

      First, consider that a stable Yemen isn’t really what Obama wanted. A Yemen under ISIS….that’s the ticket. Obama surely cheered when the Yemeni gov’t fell to muslim extremists.

    • charlesaustin

      Well, as a model it is being followed everywhere.

  • Tom

    But…but…the glitterati told me that the world was becoming less violent!

    • Kevin

      Up until a Democratic Congress was sworn in in 2007.

  • mark abrams

    watch Obama support both Iran and the Saudis. Our marines can assist the saudis on the ground (training and intel), while our airforce diverts from tikrit to help Irans proxies. the Houthi. Then our airforce can strafe our marines . When questioned Obama will insist that he first learned of it when he read the papers, and anyway it was a great success and part of a program to downsize the military.

  • Diggsc

    Brought to you by the same folks who are right now negotiating the time frame that Ayatollah “Death to America”Ali Khamenei has to adhere to so that Obama can pretend that they aren’t building a nuke.

  • frisco kid

    Not to downplay Obama’s incompetence, but isn’t a Sunni/Shia war inevitable?

    Better now than when they all have nukes.

  • elHombre

    Obama, leading from behind, will soon disclose that this has been part of his M.E. strategy all along. Arm ISIL through Libya and grease the skids for their caliphate by complete withdrawal from Iraq. Encourage Iran through weakness. Keep Saudi strong by vetoing the Keystone Pipeline. Sell out Yemen and Israel to reassure jihadis of our diminishing influence in the region. Appoint an effete nitwit Sec. of State to avoid the appearance of strength.


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