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A Fair Assessment
UN Singles Out Israel on Women’s Rights

The UN Human Rights Commission, with incredible diligence and perseverance, has been combing the Middle East to find an example of discrimination against women, and at long last it found a culprit: Israel!

Ynetnews has the story:

Out of nine official documents produced from the UN’s annual Commission on the Status of Women report, only one of the UN’s 193 members were mentioned in regards to ongoing infringement of women’s rights – Israel – in what Jerusalem says [is] another case of UN bias.

The document, titled the “Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women”, slams Israel for the ongoing occupation of the West Bank, a situation which it says has led to “(h)igh levels of unemployment and poverty” among Palestinians, especially women.

“Palestinian women and girls still face significant obstacles in accessing basic services, health care, psychosocial support, water and sanitation, justice institutions and economic opportunities,” the report noted.

It was the only report that focused on any specific country, and seemed to focus largely on the Palestinian issue, occasionally tying it in with gender-related issues, for example unemployment, which was the main complaint sounded by the report.

It’s comforting that the members of the Human Rights Commission have such a keen eye for women’s issues. On the off-chance that Iran or Saudi Arabia were to start restricting the rights of their female citizens, we can be sure the UN will be on the case.

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  • Fat_Man

    I have repeatedly called for the dissolution of NATO on the grounds of it being sclerotic, dysfunctional, and a perverse incentive to its members.

    The UN is more sclerotic, more dysfunctional, and more perverse than NATO. It too should be dissolved. The joke is no longer funny. Stop sending them money, expel their sorry lower extremities from American soil, denounce their idiotic treaties, demolish the UN building, plow the rubble under, and sew the land with salt. (Actually auction it off to a real estate developer who would build condos to replace it).

    • Curious Mayhem

      Turtle Bay is a nice view. And it is an obsolete organization with little to recommend it.

    • Tom Chambers

      Sclerotic, dysfunctional, perverse….all true. But also the UN is fairly harmless, an itch that occasionally needs scratching. It gives the world a way to lecture to the USA without the USA having to pay more than lip service. And who knows, every once in a great while the UN might actually be useful. Also there are specialized UN agencies like the WHO that have value. So I am willing to put up with the itch for awhile longer.

      • f1b0nacc1

        Keep the few (semi-) useful agencies, and stop funding the rest. If the ants need to lecture the elephant, let them do so on their own dime without the illusion of respectability…

        • Corlyss

          What would those be?

          • f1b0nacc1

            Personally I cannot think of any, but I am willing to at least consider the possibility of one or two not being entirely useless

      • Fat_Man

        The UN is only harmless to countries you hate. Otherwise it is a geyser of harm. One of its agencies, UNWRA, has stocked the fires of Palestinian rejectionism for almost 70 years. Another, the IPCC has propagandized for Global Warming Hysteria unrelentingly for 20 years.

        Of course the incident that triggered this article is only one of thousands of attacks on the legitimacy of Israel, the UN’s favorite punching bag. That activity alone is enough to justify terminating the UN with extreme prejudice.

        • Tom Chambers

          I’d have agreed with your view many times in the past and might again in the future. But in my view the UN General Assembly is the ultimate “big hat, no cattle.” That is the way the USA wants it. How has 70 years of UNWRA support of Palestine changed the facts on the ground for the Palestinians? And I wonder: if we did terminate the UN, somebody (China?) is likely to resurrect it on new terms (the rest of the world will support that) and will we still have veto power then? In my mind the status quo, despite its flaws, is in our favor. In my mind the status quo, despite its flaws, is in our favor. he likely alternative, not so much. The ideal isn’t going to happen. I admit the possibility of being wrong.

          • Fat_Man

            Please do me an enormous favor, and never agree with me again.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Actually the UN buildings are shoddily built and falling apart. Once we finally get rid of these parasites, the buildings will have to be demolished as they don’t even come close to complying with code….
      Otherwise, I agree with everything you have said…

      • Corlyss

        the building would be preserved as a museum.

        • f1b0nacc1

          The place is a menace, it is genuinely unsafe. Were it not for the fact that if it collapses the only (sort-of) people who would be killed are UNicks, I would be quite concerned. As it is, I really couldn’t care less….

          • Corlyss

            “The place is a menace, it is genuinely unsafe. ”

            They will spare no expense!

      • Fat_Man

        Demolish first, then action the empty land.

  • Noga

    We all know by now that this organization is no longer the UN, but UNAI- United Nations Against Israel!

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