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Red vs. Blue Abroad
Netanyahu’s Strong New Government
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  • Fat_Man

    I think that Netanyahu owes Obama an enormous debt of gratitude for this victory. Without Obama demonizing Netanyahu and highlighting his triumphal appearance before Congress, Likud might have been beaten. Thanks Obama.

    Obama is so inept. Is he really as clueless as he seems to be?

    • Ellen

      The short answer to that question is yes, absolutely he is clueless. Political correctness and a 1960’s view of the world can turn even an intelligent person into a clueless blunderer. The longer answer is that he despises the success of Israel because it shows that a persecuted people can do well in life without the pity and affirmative action plans of others. In other words, he is a true disciple of the Reverend Wright school of envy. That is what is coming out now that he doesn’t have to run for another election. It won’t help him, though. His presidency is already finished. The debacles will only get worse in the last 20 months.

    • Fat_Man

      The NYTimes casts a nervous eye towards Israel, and discovers that I understand the world far better than it does, which is not surprising as there are also many small children and small furry animals that understand the world far better than does the editorial board of the NYTimes.

      “Rebukes From White House Risk Buoying Netanyahu” By Jodi Rudoren on March 24, 2015

  • WigWag

    Let’s hope for the best, but Israel still faces complicated economic barriers. Israel’s regulatory scheme is Byzantine, and so far, Netanyahu has shown little inclination to dismantle it. Israel suffers from as much crony capitalism and corruption as the United States does. The cure to Israel’s housing crisis is to be found in the Negev desert in Israel’s south, but recent Likud Governments have demonstrated little willingness to make the infrastructure investments which could turn this area into an Israeli version of Phoenix.

    There’s plenty of work to do. I highly respect Netanyahu and would have voted Likud if I were an Israeli voter. But it is very much an open question whether Netanyahu has the chops to do what’s necessary to catapult the Israeli economy into the future.

    Two things he should do are inviting the Chinese to finance and build the Red-Med rail link (though it will seriously piss off the Egyptians) and continue to invest in Israeli universities which are amongst the best in the world.

  • JR

    “It is difficult to predict things, especially about the future”. But a bunch of smart, determined Jews can make it work, and most importantly, make it work for everybody. Israel is going out of its way right now to show Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the collection of rulers in the Gulf that having a strong, reliable partner in that corner of the world is not the WORST thing that can happen. Obama is a passing phenomenon.

    • GS

      He cannot pass too soon, though. The amount of harm, loss and damage he has caused is astronomical.

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