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The Evolution of Erdogan
Turkey Takes a Tumble
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  • Verinder Syal

    Mr. Obama’s unfailing ability to choose the wrong options is quite amazing. If he were not a Harvard graduate, constitutional scholar, and all round genius, one might be tempted to label him as an absolute disaster. But it may be that he is indeed smart and that he is pursuing his agenda to diminish the United States rather successfully. It is easier to do so when much of the press will give you a free pass because he is “one of ours” and perhaps because, they too, share some of the same distaste for the country that Mr. Obama has.
    As for Mr. Erdogan, he is a corrupt, self-engrossed, megalomaniac. Power does indeed corrupt. Often in grotesque ways.

    • Pete

      B. Hussein Obama got in and through the Ivy League on by virtue a racial quota, not intellectual merit.

      Odds are the man could not solve a quadratic equation from intermediate algebra if his life depended on it..

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “Obama looks at the failure of his Middle East strategy”

    What strategy, he never had a strategy and still doesn’t.

    • rheddles

      Au contraire mon frère. He, or I should say ValJar, has a very clear strategy. Support the rise of the Iranian mullahs as a regional hegemon. Every action he has taken supports this stragtegy.

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