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The Francis Era
Testing Pope Francis’s Mettle
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  • Pete

    Why can’t ‘the one true church of God’ keep its own house in order?

    • FriendlyGoat

      Assuming you’re being facetious with what you include in quotation marks, we can answer the question more directly. Because it isn’t the one true church. Defending a doctrine that it somehow IS the one true church is part of the problem. But Catholics who get tired of being rocked by clergy abuse, questionable transactions at the Vatican bank, and a gaggle of middle management employing the old passive resistance against a good man (Pope Francis) can always bail out and join any number of protestants without leaving Christianity.

      I’m satisfied that Francis is a great Pope for the world. Using words from this article, if he is having trouble cleaning up “the sordid side of the Vatican”, or the “nasty (that) is back in Rome”, or “areas of the Vatican that are widely seen as corrupt and inefficient”, I would blame all those pre-existing situations and not “evaluate” the Pope on how bad they still may be. The proper evaluation of a Pope is how well he presents Jesus to the world and presents, by extension, Catholicism to the world. He’s a breath of fresh air and he’s doing fine..

    • Fred

      Well maybe because the Church of God is not God himself. It is run by fallen human beings. Anywhere there are human beings there will be sin. It’s simply part of our nature. But the Church transcends those sinful human beings who are part of it and who, temporarily, run it. Nothing happening in the Vatican today comes close to the corruption of, say, the Borgias. The Church survived them, and it will survive the current crop of sinners (amateurs all compared to the Renaissance Popes).

  • Andrew Allison

    What’s surprising about the efforts of the dinosaurs in the Curia to prevent change? Might it perhaps be wise to judge both Cardinal Pell and the Pope by what (if anything) they manage to get done to reform the Church rather that rumors intended to prevent change?

  • ljgude

    Here in Australia we were treated to Archbishop Pell being grilled by the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse which required him at one point to apologise to a victim of clerical sex abuse. As he was apologising, someone in the room hollered out “Look him in eye.” I know the territory and I know exactly what that demand means. It means ‘man up’ or more generally ‘take responsibility for your actions.’ Contrary to where you may think I am going with this Pell may be a good choice to reform the vatican bank. He may have just the skills and integrity needed to do the job The apparent leaking by conservatives certainly increases his stature as a reformer and goes some way to eradicate the impression from here in the Antipodes that Pell was being rewarded with a big vatican appointment for his work in Australia minimising the consequences to Holy Mother Church of the kiddie fiddlers. Although of course not without sin us Anglicans feel considerable gratitude to Henry VIII for ridding us of the vatican.

  • charlesrwilliams

    The Vatican is full of sinners. Nothing new here. Cardinal Pell is charged with cleaning up the Vatican’s finances. The Vatican is not a business or a bank. The Vatican does not exist to balance its books. It should surprise no one that Pell will make waves and will encounter opposition in doing what he is charged to do. Why is this news?

    The issue of communing the divorced and remarried is another question. But the Germans have been doing this for a long time. Pope Francis has tasked the synod to deal with this issue in the broader context of the Church’s pastoral approach to marriage and the family. Something may come of this but in the meantime there is conflict and disagreement. Sometimes it takes the form of childish politics. The only news here will be the final documents that the synod produces and I suspect people will ignore 90% of these documents and fasten on how they treat the situation of the remarried.

    The Catholic faith does not hinge on the latest controversy to roil the Vatican nor the antics of prelates.

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