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Diversifying the Portfolio
Is American LNG Ready to Help Europe?
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  • Brett Champion

    It doesn’t really matter where US LNG goes, so long as it goes. If US LNG does go to Asia, then all that means is that Middle Eastern LNG will be redirected to Europe, which accomplishes the same geopolitically important thing: to reduce European reliance on Russian energy imports. Though I can understand why the Baltic countries would specifically want US LNG as that would strengthen economic ties between that region and the one country that could actually protect them from any possible Russian revanchist impulse towards them.

  • Fat_Man

    LNG export is hampered by an unholy alliance between US chemical companies and manufacturers who want gas to stay cheap for them, environmentalists who oppose anything that might bring jobs and prosperity to ordinary Americans, and progressives (f/k/a the Wallaceite wing of the Democrat Party) who share Putin’s view that the collapse of the Soviet union was the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century, and who hope that he can get the band back together.

  • Andrew Allison

    The infrastructure is already in place on one end: as you note, Europe is on track to double its LNG imports this year. There are currently five US export terminals under construction ( and, given the market dynamics, it wouldn’t surprise me if one-or-more of the three import terminals approved but not under construction were repurposed.

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