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Super-advanced Psy-ops?
Pentagon Walks Back Mosul Attack Plan Announcement

Well that was quick: just as Kurdish leaders were expressing dismay and surprise over the Obama Administration’s announcement that an attack on Mosul was imminent this spring, the Pentagon began walking back its tough talk from the previous week. The Daily Beast:

The U.S. military’s goal to retake Iraq’s second largest city from the self-proclaimed Islamic State has been pushed back several months at least, defense officials told The Daily Beast. That’s a major shift for the Pentagon, which recently announced that the first major ground offensive in the war against ISIS could come in the next few weeks.

Defense officials once hoped that Iraqi troops could move into Mosul by the Spring and reclaim the city from ISIS. Now, those officials say, Fall is more realistic. And even that date was tenuous.

Just what is going on inside the halls of power in President Obama’s Washington these days? Announcing the strike ahead of time struck us as a very questionable move to begin with. But announcing it without having the principals, who would actually be doing most of the fighting and dying on the ground, on board… well, it leaves us darned near-speechless.

All we need now is for an administration shill to claim that this was all part of a master plan to keep ISIS off-balance and guessing…

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  • Kevin

    Instead of speak softly and carry a big stick we have … Well I’m speechless. I’m sure the Iranians are quaking in their boots about what will happen to them if they don’t give up their nuclear program.

    • Fat_Man

      Mumble incoherently and leave your stick at home.

  • Corlyss

    The administration ought to put the IRS in charge of war planning: they know how to CRUSH! MAIM! KILL!, obfuscate, mislead, prevaricate, conceal, and stonewall much more efficiently.

    The only thing that mystifies me is why this site don’t call a spade a spade and stop pretending there’s some kind of veiled, exquisitely superior cunning on the part of the sputtering fool in the WH.

  • Angel Martin

    just think, only 691 more days to go

    • eaglechick

      I didn’t vote for Obama, altho we should pray for those that did. They need help.

      • Curious Mayhem

        But like the light bulb, they first have to want to change.

  • ljgude

    Ah, omniscient cynic that I am I think this is just a negotiating tactic to bring Iran to terms by withdrawing support of the reconquesta of Mosul on their behalf. Sort of a kinder gentler example of dumping many many bomb bombs on Hanoi to get the North Vietnamese to sign away their inalienable right to invade the South.

    • Corlyss

      The insiders tonite concluded that Kerry wants a Nobel Peace Prize to crown his life of “public service” and this is how he plans to get it.

      • ljgude

        You are right. I am not cynical enough. Where are Gilbert and Sullivan when you need them tra la la. These guys are just “polishing up the handle on the Big Front Door.”

        • Corlyss

          “I am not cynical enough.”
          You’re in good company. Krauthammer and Batchelor say that a lot since 2009.

          • ljgude

            I hadn’t particularly noticed, so thanks for that. I suppose the gap between rhetoric and action is so great with Obama that it throws off all our normal ways of calibrating our cynicism.

        • Corlyss

          I forgot to up-vote you for the G&S reference. See Iolanthe for insights into politics.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Kerry is begging everyone to give Iran the benefit of the doubt. America has never experience incompetence of this magnitude, Obama and his followers are going to go down in history as the worst in history.

  • jeburke

    Everything with these guys is PR and spin. Obama was taking a beating for his lame response to ISIS so Rice and Rhodes rummaged around for something “tough” they could put out to “win” a couple of news cycles.

    • Corlyss

      About domestic politics, I agree everything is spin. In the case of national security and defense, however, I wish it were that encouraging. I’ve been convinced for 11 years that between 1) Val’s firm belief that America IS the problem and needs to get its comeuppance, and 2) Obama’s platitudes that conceal is almost pathological disinterest in the subject, we be in a world of hurt from which it will take decades to recover.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Several possible reasons these announcements may have unfolded the way they did:

    1) The White House and the brand new Secretary of Defense ordered the Pentagon officials to look confused?

    Everybody here think that’s it?

    2) The Iraqis misled the Pentagon about status of readiness?
    3) The Pentagon is trying to push to Iraqis to function?
    4) Pentagon officials are speaking on their own without The White House?
    5 I won’t speculate on “master plans”, even though I am a regular shill for Obama.

    • Corlyss

      “2) The Iraqis misled the Pentagon about status of readiness?
      3) The Pentagon is trying to push the Iraqis to function?
      4) Pentagon officials are speaking on their own without The White House?”

      This WH is cunning and ruthless about only one thing: destroying Republicans (they seem unaware that Republicans are doing that all by themselves, which itself is a major flaw in WH reflexive monomania). It shows no interest in anything outside of that, so “planning” is a difficult thing to discover behind so much adhockery. 3 was offered up by the seemingly savvy, like Charles Lane. But seriously, Friend, do you really think, based on what you’ve seen for the last 6 years, that those are realistic?

      “5 I won’t speculate on “master plans”, even though I am a regular shill for Obama.””
      LOL Now the truth is out! Is that you, Val?

      • FriendlyGoat

        No, I can assure you that FriendlyGoat is just a rural hobbyist comment-writer, NOT an “operative” of any kind. I don’t get paid, I’m not a public official in disguise, and I don’t belong to any group whatsoever. So, I’m not Val or her staff.

        • Corlyss

          I knew it all along, Friend – you have occasional fights of rational insight. I am too only a rural hobbyist. What was that Groucho said? Something about not wanting to join any group that would have him.

          • FriendlyGoat

            I appreciate being called Friend. I also appreciate that liberal points of view can include occasional flights of rational insight. We can agree that we don’t really want to join groups that would “have us”.

  • Curious Mayhem

    Maybe there’s a mole somewhere — or maybe some low-level incompetent nudnik from the Chicago machine who can’t even pick up and dial the phone.

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