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Asian Game of Thrones
To Arms Against China

China’s recent efforts to de-escalate tensions in its immediate neighborhood are being viewed with skepticism by its neighbors—if recent military purchases are any indication. In an excellent article rounding up the state of play, the Wall Street Journal includes a fascinating sidebar detailing who has bought what:

126 Rafale fighter jets (France)
22 AH-64E Apache gunships (U.S.)
8 P-8I Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft (U.S.)

3 Chang Bogo-class submarines (South Korea)
24 F-16 fighter jets (U.S.)
16 Sukhoi Su-27/Su-30 jets (Russia)
8 AH-64E Apache gunships (U.S.)

4 helicopter carriers (Japan)
42 F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters (U.S)
17 V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft (U.S.)

2 Scorpene submarines (France)
6 Gowind-class frigates (France)

12 FA-50 fighter/trainer jets (South Korea)
2 Hamilton-class cutters (U.S.)

6 Kilo-class submarines (Russia)
6 Gepard-class frigates (Russia)
36 Sukhoi Su-30 jets (Russia)

Chinese military planners are of course playing down these purchases, and China knows well that its many adversaries are not representative of a solid alliance that can act in concert against it. Nevertheless, this is not the kind of atmosphere China wants as it seeks to expand its influence in its near-abroad. Xi is going to have to try a bit harder to put a friendly face on his hegemonic ambitions.

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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Xi is a megalomaniac, and America is less than 2 years away (once the stupid Obama is gone) from creating an Asian Alliance that will spike all of Xi’s ambitions. China is already hitting the economic wall, as foreign investment abandons China and takes all its creativity and continuous improvements with it.

  • Dan Greene

    “Xi is a megalomaniac”

    And your evidence for that is?

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