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Nothing To See Here
No Let-up in Putin’s Hybrid War
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  • Andrew Allison

    “In much of the country, the police and criminal gangs have effectively merged and the loyalties of the criminal syndicates and oligarchs who control much of what happens on the ground in Ukraine are up for sale.” ‘Nuff said?

  • Mixa

    The USA started this new cold war, and have been pondering a “nuclear preemptive first strike” on Russia for months. The Russians are just getting fed up with the constant provocations, that’s all.
    Get Nato to STOP ITS UNLAWFUL EXPANSION EASTWARDS, stop the stupid sanctions policy and you’ll see how fast it will all calm down. Russia is only defending herself. It threatens no one and only wants to be left in peace.

    • Josephbleau

      I can’t believe that the commerce clause does not prevent maryjane.

    • Dustoff

      Right…. If we wanted (first strike) we would have never removed our missiles you fool.

  • Dustoff

    He’s not confusing the west. Just our mind-dumb Prez.

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