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Foreign Policy a la Modi
Israel and India Sitting in a Tree…

India and Israel have been moving closer on defense for some time, and at this point the relationship is downright cozy. Israel is India’s second-greatest weapons supplier, and the trade is growing. But India has kept quiet about its affection for its politically contentious friend. No longer, reports Live Mint:

Israel on Wednesday strongly backed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” pitch and said the maiden visit by its defence minister was a sign that the defence relationship was “out of closet” now.

Asked whether his visit was an indication that India was willing to acknowledge the strong defence relations that the two countries share, Israeli defence minister Moshe Ya’alon said, “That is right. We were ready to expose relations earlier but it was up to the Indian government to take it out from the closet.” Ya’alon, the first Israeli defence minister to visit India since the two countries established full diplomatic relations in 1992, is here to attend the “Aero India” show and hold talks with his Indian counterpart Manohar Parrikar.

Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted his support for the newly open relationship:

There are huge possibilities for extending this relationship even further under Modi’s massive “Make In India” initiative, and Jerusalem clearly plans on pursuing them. With this visit, it seems the geopolitical love that dares not speak its name is now out in the open.

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  • Ellen

    Congratulations Prof. Mead for writing about something that most of the Western media usually pays little attention to, especially in Europe. Addled by the discredited views of the Israeli left, they continue to talk about Israeli becoming isolated in the world if it doesn’t stop building settlements in Judea and Samaria. The evidence for this isolation is that many Europeans and their political leaders don’t like Jews or Israel much, and are threatening boycotts. There was a time when Israel was very dependent on the EU market for trade, investment, and scientific exchanges. That time is now in the historical archives. Unless you think the world is Europe (rapidly approaching bankruptcy, and in demographic and economic decline), Israel is less isolated now than ever before, and one of the reasons is its relation with India.

    The Indians as people, and in the attitudes of their government, have no historical record of persecuting Jews. Quite the contrary, they welcomed them as a tiny, itty bitty exotic minority amidst the many religions and castes of India. This tolerant and friendly attitude is magnified many fold by the current prime minister who represents an assertive Hindu Nationalist Party that resembles the Jewish Nationalist-Religious outlook in Israel. The ascendancy of Modi and his party mean that India will no longer grovel to the Arabs and Moslem countries in the UN and elsewhere. To make this point with great flourish, and perhaps a little vindictiveness for past Muslim persecution, Modi is accentuating his ties and appreciation for Israel. Everyone has their agenda in the world, and he certainly has his. But the truth is that the rise of India and of Israel in their respective regions will transform the entire region in between them. Watch as this happens in the next 10 years. The self-destruction of the Arab states and tribes continues apace, but the powers that eventually fill the vacuum that results will not be the Ayotallah’s Iran and its proxies Hezbollah and Hamas.

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