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The Francis Era
The Battle over Communion for the Remarried Heats Up
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  • Frank Natoli

    Bishop Schneider has doctrine exactly right. However, as a weekly Mass going Catholic who is directly affected by this doctrine, I must note for the benefit of Bishop Schneider and the rest of the Church that priests and nuns take lifetime vows of chastity, but on occasion seek release from the vows, such release almost inevitably granted. In those cases, the Church understands that a mistake has been made and someone need not suffer the one entire mortal lifetime they have for it. No such understanding is extended to marital mistakes and mistakes are made. The subterfuge of expanding annulments is not acceptable. Children, the totally innocent victims of divorce, born of annulled marriages would become bastards and that would be a greater sin than divorce and remarriage. Clearly this matter has grave contradictions in existing Church doctrine and behavior.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The point is to provide a doctrine which discourages husbands and wives from divorcing each other and a doctrine which does not encourage divorced people to separate themselves from faith in Jesus. Membership and communion in a particular denomination, though thought by some to be the main issues, aren’t the main issues.

    • Frank Natoli

      Agree with your point. But one can reasonably argue that the Roman Catholic church has implemented both elements of your point. It certainly “discourages” divorce; in fact of course it prohibits it. But it hardly discourages people “to separate themselves from faith in Jesus”. I am divorced. I attend weekly Mass. I have absolute faith. I am also denied the sacraments, communion being one of them.

      • FriendlyGoat

        It could be argued by some that permanent denial of the sacraments could cause some people to fall away from the Church, and worse, fall away from faith in Jesus. I am glad that’s not your inclination and I’m sorry you are put in a difficult position over this.

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