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Obama's Iran Strategy
The President Talks Past His Critics on Iran
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  • S.C. Schwarz

    When has he ever engaged with or even acknowledged his critics? There can be no legitimate criticism of the smartest man ever.

  • Frank Natoli

    WSJ has an article today “Kissinger on Iran”. It’s behind the pay wall, but if you go to Google, search “Kissinger on Iran”, you can get to the entire article. Note the following:

    “This is a very different world than the one we have been living in since the dawn of the nuclear age. A world with multiple nuclear states, including some with revolutionary religious impulses or hegemonic ambitions, is a very dangerous place.”


    “Our own view is that Mr. Obama is so bent on an Iran deal that he will make almost any concession to get one.”

  • Jmaci

    Whether you think the Netanyahu speech is a good idea or not, it’s going to be important for the reasons laid out in this posting. It could draw much wider attention raised by critics like WRM and Kissinger. That’s probably why some Democrats don’t want Netanyahu to speak, and if he does, why they won’t listen. Sad.

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