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Pipeline Politics
EPA Urges Keystone Rethink
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  • S.C. Schwarz

    As thought rational thought has anything to do with Obama’s decision. It’s politics all the way down with him. Still, it’s nice of EPA to give him another excuse. Remember, the democrats are the party of “science.”

  • Gene

    Isn’t the ability to “keep blood [or oil] off of my hands” the most important thing for many people? If the oil comes out of the ground anyway the opponent can say, “I don’t like it but at least I’m not playing any part in bringing that about.” IOW, the policy is the first priority, but if you can’t win on policy, make damned sure you maintain your moral superiority by eliminating personal culpability. I think many people take the same attitude to warfare overseas: “It’s awful what those people are doing to each other but at least I have no blood on my hands.”

  • Gary Hemminger

    Why doesn’t the president act like a leader and just reject it like we all know he wants to instead of looking for excuses. What an absolute wimp he is.

  • Andrew Allison

    Just another example of the politicisation of federal agencies under the current administration. With the final impediment to approve removed by the Nebraska court, State needs a fig leaf to reverse its position that there’s no climate effect, and the EPA is happy to oblige.
    The EPA argument is ridiculous on its face: as TAI has endlessly pointed out, the oil is going to be extracted and transported one way or another and doing so by rail and truck is far more dangerous to the environment than via pipeline. Add the EPA to the list of federal agencies who have become political tools.

  • gabrielsyme

    Let’s not forget what a huge middle finger the Keystone debacle has been to one of America’s closest allies. Keystone would benefit the US, but it would benefit Canada far more, a nation that has been noticeably helpful and supportive of the United States internationally and Obama initiatives in particular. No wonder the Obama administration has so few friends internationally.

    • Andrew Allison

      The problem is that as a result of actions (and lack thereof) by the Obama administration, the US has far fewer friends internationally than it used to.

  • Fat_Man

    Why is the EPA engaged in lobbying? Don’t we have enough lobbyists in Washington to not have to pay our tax dollars fro more.

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