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Xi's China
Purging the Ivory Tower

Yet another front has emerged in Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption purge: education. The Guardian reports:

China’s education minister has vowed to ban university textbooks which promote “western values”, state media said, in the latest sign of ideological tightening under President Xi Jinping.

“Never let textbooks promoting western values appear in our classes,” minister Yuan Guiren said, according to a report late Thursday by China’s official Xinhua news agency.

“Remarks that slander the leadership of the Communist Party of China” and “smear socialism” must never appear in college classrooms, he added according to Xinhua.

At this point, there don’t seem to be many parts of Chinese society left that Xi doesn’t want to include in his Maoist embrace.

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  • wigwag

    Wow, China wants “Western Values” banned from its colleges and universities. They’re in perfect agreement with many American colleges and universities that are as hostile to “Western Values” as the Chinese are.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    LOL, what a bunch of losers. Universities are suppose to teach students how to think critically, and how to use evidence to discover the “Truth”. It defeats the entire purpose of an education if the skills needed to examine the Universe are discarded in favor of the rote learning of Communist dogma. But, American Universities are almost as bad as leftist enclaves of Communist indoctrination.

  • FriendlyGoat

    This minister imagines that “western values” are to slander and smear. Any truth to that?

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