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Age of Abe
Japan’s Anti-Terrorism Puzzle
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  • Pete

    1. Japan will not turn inward.

    2. It was incredibly stupid for ISIS to kill those two Japanese prisoners.

    • S.C. Schwarz

      And what will they do? Do you foresee Japanese special forces attacking ISIS in Syria?

      Talk is cheap but, in the end, Japan will do nothing. ISIS knows what they are doing. Their audience is the Middle East where these sorts of atrocities go over well.

      • LarryD

        “Their audience is the Middle East where these sorts of atrocities go over well”

        This much is true. However, while the Japanese are starting from a position of weakness, that weakness is not inscribed in stone. To avoid ever having to reprise WWII, and Perl Harbor, the US conquered Japan, wiped away its Imperialistic government, re-established a civilian government, and encouraged the adoption of a constitution that institutionalized a pacific, limited self-defense government. As long as the Japanese could rely on Pax Americana, this was acceptable. Obama has undermined everyones confidence in Pax Americana, so the Japanese have been rethinking their pacifism for the last few years, looking elsewhere for allies, and contemplating modifying their constitution. ISIS may have roused a tiger out of its drugged stupor. The tiger isn’t fully awake yet, but once it is …

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