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End the Boondoggle
Even Greens Can See the Folly of Biofuels
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Why not just ask the more simple question of whether a Republican Congress is going to do anything which possibly reduces the price of corn in a couple of dozen mostly-Republican states?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Since the the country was subjugated to the alcohol in gasoline mandate, the price of corn has risen 3 fold, from $2 per bushel to over $6 per bushel. Corn is by far the most important food crop, and is used in thousands of other products, from feed for livestock to corn starch in candy making. And this was all done to combat the greatest hoax in history “Global Warming”.

    • Frank Natoli

      Not to mention that “biofuels” had to be burned, which I thought was environmental zealot mortal sin?
      Not to mention that ethanol, two carbons, has a fraction of the energy content of gasoline, eight carbons, thus results in reducing fuel economy and burning more fuel to get to the same place.
      Nevertheless, “the people” are confident that Democrats can legislate the laws of nature. Real smart.

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