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NSA Proves Russia Behind Litvinenko’s Murder

NSA-intercepted communications have proven what many have long suspected about one of the most intriguing cases of murder and espionage in recent times. According to a recent article in the Telegraph, the Russian government was behind the 2006 poisoning of spy-turned dissident Alexander Litvinenko. More:

The National Security Agency (NSA) obtained electronic communications between key individuals in London and Moscow from the time that the former spy was poisoned with radioactive material in central London. The evidence was passed to the British authorities.

A source familiar with the investigation confirmed the existence of American “intelligence material”. They said it would have been “inadmissible” in court, but that the British authorities were “confident that this was a state execution”.

The disclosure comes ahead of the start of the public inquiry into Litvinenko’s death in 2006, which will see hearings, many of which will be held in secret, carried out over a nine-week period in the High Court from Tuesday.

The existence of the American intelligence material offers the first proof that the Russian state was involved in the murder of the dissident and explains why senior British politicians have been so confident in publicly blaming the Kremlin for the murder.

The emergence of proof that Moscow ordered Litvinenko’s killing is a bombshell, but what it revealed isn’t ultimately that surprising. Take this as a grisly reminder of what Moscow is really willing to do, and of the criminality of the Putinist state.

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  • Kevin

    Hardly a bombshell. Everyone knew it already and no one will do anything about it.

  • William Dunkerley

    The American Interest sure got suckered on this
    one. Read the Telegraph quote more carefully. It says, “A source familiar
    with the investigation confirmed the existence of American ‘intelligence
    material’.” So the source familiar with the investigation could end up
    being the Litvinenko/Berezovsky scoundrels that have been fabricating
    stories about this case since its inception. No one connected with an alleged
    interception of communications has said anything so far. The Telegraph piece
    relies upon innuendo, and so does yours. The alleged proof doesn’t even qualify
    as a rumor. I don’t know whether or not Putin or the Russian state had any role in
    Litvinenko’s death. But when I researched for my book The Phony Litvinenko
    Murder, I found that the entire story that went mainstream was a fabrication of
    political enemies of Putin’s. My book shows evidence that the whole story was a
    well-perpetuated, massive fraud. I hope that the current public inquiry will
    unearth some reliable information that will lead clearly to whoever was behind
    the Litvinenko death. But trafficking in unsupported nonsense like what’s in
    this The American Interest story only further beclouds the whole issue.

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