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Saudi Security Fears
The Saudi Crackdown and Obama’s Iran Policy
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  • Anthony

    “…the Saudis blame the U.S. for putting them in a situation where these are the only choices they have.” …????

  • FriendlyGoat

    Blaming Obama for Islam being Islam, ISIL being ISIL and Saudi Arabia being Saudi Arabia is about as crappy a journalism gets.

    “a direct line between Barack Obama’s outreach to Iran and the lashes on a blogger’s back” IS NOT the Saudi point of view. It is Walter Russell Mead’s point of view. And it is cheap political spin at its worst.

    It’s true that the Saudi Royals accommodate the backward and mean-spirited side of Islam in part to try to prevent themselves from being overthrown by their own Islamic nutballs who could easily be as bad as ISIL, but this has nothing to do with Obama. They are playing whip-em’ theater in their own country for their 7th-century citizens and they have been doing it for decades.

    Get up every day and thank God, the Constitution, the American military and American culture that you (we) have freedom to call Islam what it is—–a falsehood.

  • Clovis

    I wonder if the same moralist’s human rights lens sights the Saudi monarchy itself as another moral abomination. In order to help the Saudis become more secure and thereby protect the human rights of dissidents, one must be okay with Saudi royals feeling secure in the first place. Lets call it Libya Derangement Syndrome where actual functionality and law and order that provides for maximum human rights takes a back seat to “at least there isn’t a dictator”. Those looking through the moralist lens would just as well sacrifice thousands of dissident lives, a functional gov’t, law and order, and all human rights just to see some type of “Arab Spring” movement challenge the Saudi monarchy.

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