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The Left (Once) Loved Snipers, Too

American Sniper has been an unstoppable juggernaut at the box office so far, surpassing the money earned by James Cameron’s Avatar and Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ in their respective opening weekends. Clearly this is a movie that is broadly resonating with the American public.

Not so with the American Left, it has to be said. Things got off to an inauspicious start when the recently diminished New Republic ran a bizarre critical essay on the movie in which the author, a professor at Penn State, admitted to not having watched it. Then, earlier today, we were treated to this, from that always reliable fount of wisdom Michael Moore:

It might be hard for some of our readers to remember, but there were times when the left appeared to be more enamored of snipers than it seems to be today.

That’s a Woodie Guthrie song dedicated to a Soviet woman sniper during the Battle of Stalingrad. Could it be that lefties only hate American snipers?

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  • John B Gorentz

    “Could it be that lefties only hate American snipers?”

    Yes, it could.

    • egjohnson21

      Enough with the smugly stated generalizations. It’s equally as revolting and reductive. Michael Moore definitely does not speak for all people on the so-called left. In fact, Michael Moore rarely has an intelligent or nuanced thing to say these days.

      • John B Gorentz

        I certainly wouldn’t want to be reductive, now, would I.

      • A Smith

        It’s the internet. We’re all *supposed* to be grumpy, thoughtless, and self-absorbed.

        Plus, “reductive” means “pithy,” and that’s what internet comments are all about.

      • Nate Whilk

        Ooh, “reductive” AND “nuanced”? I love it when leftists talk dirty! 😀

      • Diggsc

        So when the Leftists say something about all “gun nuts” because one obviously mentally ill person uses a gun to commit a crime, you jump all over them for smugly stated generalizations, right?
        Though so.

    • FriendlyGoat

      And it could be that you were baited by TAI and swallowed nonsense whole. Michael Moore is not the whole left, you know. Most of us on the real left cannot forgive Rowdy Yates for his convention stunt of 2012, but we do not disrespect the American military.

      • John B Gorentz

        I presume Rowdy Yates is somebody important.

        The main thing to know about the left is that they lie. A lot. All of them.

        • FriendlyGoat

          Rowdy Yates was Clint Eastwood’s character on Rawhide in the 1960’s. As for you calling everyone on the left a liar, well, you DO know that is invalid, don’t you? Or is that dumbness why you fall for this baiting over a movie?

          • John B Gorentz

            Ha. I didn’t remember that, and I used to watch Rawhide in the 60s.

            “Invalid.” That sounds like a leftwing way of saying, “true but we don’t accept people who say it.”

          • FriendlyGoat

            MANY people liked Rawhide in the 1960s. We liked Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston as actors, too. But after they got rich and famous, they “went after” a lot of their fans in unfortunate ways.

            “Invalid” means statistical impossibility, practical impossibility. It doesn’t means “true, but…….”.

          • John B Gorentz

            Funny that not a single lefty spoke up about the Clinton corruption. Well, a few did a first, but after Hillary cracked the whip and herded all the mavericks back into line, they all made themselves stupid enough to pretend not to see the scandals. It wasn’t done to the Rawhide theme music, but she got all of them back in line.

            And the same is true with the IRS scandals, except now they are well trained, and Hillary doesn’t need to crack the whip. The same when somebody said, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” and pulled off the biggest consumer fraud (bait-and-switch) in human history. They were willing to let the American people be deceived.

            Liars. All of them. Some of them let their silence lie for them.

            Even though I don’t recall the name Rowdy Yates, I blogged about Rawhide and gun control a few years ago.

            I see that the YouTube has taken down the Rawhide theme song that I linked to, and Google has messed up the map.

          • FriendlyGoat

            The left is concerned about the wealth divide, about the environment, about the rights of those not in the country club, about foreign relations, about preserving public education, about keeping the lower half (yes, half or more) out of medical bankruptcy and many other issues. We are not interested in apologizing for Lois Lerner or anything the Clintons have ever said or done. We are not interested in fighting every little snit you guys can throw up as the MOST important thing of any given minute. It’s a long war with political “conservatism”—–and this issue here, debating a movie, of all things, is an example of the trivia we face from you folks every day.

          • John B Gorentz

            “The left is concerned about…”

            No it isn’t. It is concerned about exploiting those issues to exert power and control over the people. It is concerned about keeping people in misery so they will look to the left to save them.

            Its guiding principle is “The Greatest Evil for the Greatest Number.”

          • FriendlyGoat

            You are going to believe what you have already decided. But your vision is not the only vision.

          • Bird666

            Pot meet kettle

          • Boritz

            Speaking of movies and actors the best comment I’ve ever heard on the wealth divide came from, of all people, Burt Reynolds (character name on Gunsmoke, Quint Asper) who reminded the national convention of theater owners/film exhibitors: “Remember, when Burt Reynolds makes millions, you make hundreds”.

          • lhfry

            Leftism, progressivism, communism, socialism, doesn’t matter what you call it, it is a religion no different from any other religion. It’s tenets are accepted and defended on faith, not reason. It has its gods, its devils, its dogma, its rituals, its martyrs, its taboos, even its hymns, and it punishes those who stray with shaming and ostracism. And don’t forget its seminaries – American colleges and universities.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Well, did you tell your children and grandchildren to stay away from colleges and universities?

          • TheProudDuck

            Well, of course. The Lois Lerners are your tanks. The “wealth divide,” etc. are your strategic objective.

          • MPH

            The left is concerned about maintaining the wealth divide, about using the environment as a means of controlling what people are allowed to do with their property, about continuing to keep those not already in the country club out, about foreign relations benefiting our enemies, about preserving public education in its current form so that it will continue to turn out serfs happy to do what they are told by the government, about keeping the lower half (yes, half or more) out of medical bankruptcy by rationing the health care they are allowed, and many other issues. We are not interested in apologizing for Lois Lerner or anything the Clintons have ever said or done, because we think what they did was the right thing to do. We are not interested in fighting every little snit you guys can throw up as the MOST important thing of any given minute. It’s a long war with political “conservatism”—–and this issue here, debating a movie, of all things, is an example of the trivia we face from you folks every day, and won’t admit that it is symptomatic of the problems caused by leftism because that would involve serious introspection and confronting our cognitive dissonance.

            There, I fixed it for you.

          • SDN

            No, actually, it isn’t invalid. Your entire socialist system has produced massive fail every time it has been tried. The only way you can fail to acknowledge that is to lie to yourselves, and others.

      • Steve Gregg

        That’s news to us who have gone out in public and been randomly cursed by passing lefties.

        • FriendlyGoat

          I’m sorry you had that experience, but “random” is a key word in what you said.

          • Steve Gregg

            By random, I mean it could happen anywhere from anyone, including normal looking people. There is a hatred for the military among the Left that is barely concealed, when concealed at all.

          • FriendlyGoat

            I don’t share any such hatred. The main thing “wrong” with our military is the unrealistic expectations society has thrust upon it. “We” asked the military to do the impossible in Vietnam and “we” asked it to do the impossible in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some people right now would ask it to do the impossible in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Crimea, Ukraine, and any/every where else WHILE containing China.

          • Fred

            Nonsense, what we asked the military to do was eminently possible; we just lacked the will to let them do it. We lost Viet Nam by forfeit. And had we wasted Saddam, set up Saddam lite, and got the hell out of Iraq instead of trying to civilize those savages, we would have succeeded there too. That said, I agree it was crappy to send troops to start something we had no intention of finishing. It’s just too bad conservatives like Lyndon Johnson sent them on those missions /sarc.

          • FriendlyGoat

            You had Nixon for 6 years. Why was Vietnam “forfeited”? You had Bush for 7 years after 9/11. Why didn’t we just clean house as easily as you propose? Could it be that you are blowing smoke as usual?

          • JDanaH

            With regard to his unwillingness to name our enemy and bring the full force of American military might upon them, Bush was almost as much an appeaser as Obama is. The “religion of peace” crap originated in the Bush administration. Why have we still not won the “war on terror”, even though a period equal in time to two WWIIs has passed since 9/11? Because terror, a mere tactic, was never the enemy. Islamism is.

          • FriendlyGoat

            You’re right that Bush should have named the enemy. But he didn’t. Describing that problem with one of his own Bushisms, he “mis-underestimated” it. Obama too.

          • Fred

            We did indeed have Nixon for six years, but he pulled almost all combat troops out of Viet Nam in January of 1973, and if the Democrat congress hadn’t cut South Viet Nam’s nuts off in the wake of Watergate, cutting off supplies and air support, the South Vietnamese may well have been able to fend off the North Vietnamese long enough to establish a Korea-style demilitarized zone, just as they beat back the Easter invasion of 1972. Actually, we probably agree that Bush screwed up Iraq, though we probably believe he should have done different things. Bush didn’t clean house because he bought into the insane notion that those savages are capable of liberal democracy and the rule of law. Blowing smoke? Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle (again).

      • Corlyss

        “Most of us on the real left cannot forgive Rowdy Yates for his convention stunt of 2012,”

        Most of you on the real left are so caught up in your own absolute virtue that you completely lack a sense of humor. That’s why it’s so easy to ridicule you and your silly ideas. Disclaimer: I’m using “you” in the general sense of lefties, but every now and then you dismay even me, and I thought I’d heard all the idiocy there was on the left.

        • FriendlyGoat

          Clint Eastwood was not pursuing humor at the convention in 2012. He wasn’t kidding. He was knifing. He thought his star power would swing the election, but it didn’t.

          • GS

            “but it didn’t” – regrettably for the country, I would add. Leftards leftate in leftardation.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Another bit of made-up malarkey.

          • GS

            Thank you for confirming the latter part of my post.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Yes, of course I confirm your made-up words as made up. What else could they be?

      • TheProudDuck

        He is certainly an outsized presence among American leftists.

      • Diggsc

        Bwahahahahahahahahh. I almost spit out my coffee with the “but we do not disrespect the American military” baloney. Google the image “we respect the troops when they shoot their officers”. Yeah, no disrespect there.
        You can’t swing a dead cat in HuffPo or Daily Kos or any of those sites without hitting someone writing about the military members getting “used” by politicians, as if we are all brain dead automatons, while you Leftists are able to see through the dust and grime of war and politics to see the “real world”. Of course the “real world” is where we fight wars, not the campus of the local university or your mom’s basement. And I have led 19-year-old soldiers with more “real world” experience in war, the Middle East, islam, muslims, negotiations, village-rebuilding, than all the professors at the local university put together. But saying, constantly, that we are being used isn’t disrespect in your eyes, it’s actually respect! Because, hey, you have all the knowledge and you are using it to help us, right?

        • FriendlyGoat

          I am entitled to be a leftist who is INDEPENDENT of HuffPo, Daily Kos or any other writers you disapprove. That’s why I said what I said as a leftist. I know other liberals are all over the place on views, just as some conservatives are sensible and some are cavemen.

      • mesocyclone

        I don’t believe that for a second. I watched the left trash us Vietnam Vets for a decade. Then they decided we should be victims. They never treated us like citizens doing a job that they were too cowardly to do.

        Today, they’ve figured out that this behavior is bad for their cause, but they seem to think pretty much the same way. They hate this movie because it makes a hero of an American fighting man. For the left, if he fought in a war they disapproved of, he cannot be a hero, but its okay if he’s a victim. This is why most Hollywood heroes are “super-heroes” – unreal people in unreal wars that the left doesn’t have to feel ashamed of!

    • Diggsc

      Uh, you don’t even need the “snipers” qualifier.

  • Dude 42

    I’d take a long hard look at Michael Moore as Alberto Niaman’s killer, but Moore’s soooo fat. Just no way he could have squeezed himself in and out of a tight Buenos Aires bathroom. And, Moore would surely have blown off one of his man-boobs in such confined, close-quarters action.

  • Brian O’Connor

    What, I wonder, would Michael Moore’s father have had to say about drone-ing one’s enemies? What would he have thought of President Obama and his policy of vaporizing selected terrorists, together with every man, woman, child, dog, cat, flea and louse nearby?

  • Frank Natoli

    When lovable Jude Law played Soviet super-sniper Vasily Zaitsev in “Enemy at the Gates”, killing consummately evil Ed Harris playing German super-sniper Erwin Koenig, chief instructor at the SS sniper school at Zossen, nobody suggested Zaitsev was a “coward”.


    I’ve got a better one than that. How about the picture of Bush with the target reticule overlaid, and the caption “Snipers Wanted”?

  • TheProudDuck

    Liberals are sort of “reverse jingoists.” It’s not “My country, right or wrong,” it’s “My country is always wrong. Or at least more wrong than the other guy.”

  • Gringao

    “Could it be that lefties only hate American snipers?”

    Well, duh. Hatred of America is the central uniting principle of all Leftism.

  • LucreMagnus

    So wait…I am NOT supposed to admire the hero-Russian sniper in “Stalingrad”?

  • Mars Attacks!

    The left praised an earlier movie about a sniper. A Soviet sniper, of course.

    • Nordog6561

      >>The left praised an earlier movie about a sniper. A Soviet sniper, of course.<<

      For a minute there I thought you were talking about Lee Harvey Oswald.

      • Mars Attacks!

        Lee Harvey Oswald — one man, one vote.

  • Mastro63

    The Black Panthers certainly seemed to glorify shooting cops. Watching the “Black Lives Matter” marches in Oakland disgusts me- considering all the police who’ve been ambushed there.

  • ubik

    Guess when you are an especially fat target, they would be much scarier.

  • Curious Mayhem

    Once upon a time, the American left supported Western values and democracy. It’s been quite a while, I must say. The broad intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the left — and its inability to understand modern society and history — has something to do with it, no doubt.

  • ndmike12

    Of course American soldiers in WWII despised enemy snipers and called them cowards. An enemy sniper is terrifying, because you don’t know where the bullet will come from, or when. They strike from a hidden position. That creates a sense of powerlessness, which only adds to the fear. But the sniper who is on your side, who puts that same fear into your enemies, is no coward. He’s an invaluable asset that saves lives. A hero, even. Which suggests that the key word in all this is not “snipers,” but “enemy.” It also suggests that enemy snipers are not despised for their cowardice, but for their effectiveness.

  • Jum1801

    That’s funny. There was a time when Michael Moore drooled over snipers. Except they weren’t soldiers – they were teenage mass-murderers. Moore didn’t call them cowards. In fact, he made a movie glorifying them. Of course, they were anti-theist, bisexual nihilists who gleefully mocked and slaughtered their defenseless classmates and teachers as they begged for their lives in a hate-drenched Göeterrdämerung of narcissism and self-loathing. And that was an attack on God, middle America and traditional values like love, mercy and forgiveness.

    So it’s not that hard to see why Moore loves and idolizes Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and hates and fears Chris Kyle for being willing to die to protect him from those adolescent hell-spawn’s Muslim co-nihilists.

  • motoguzzi

    Actually, Lefties just hate America and what she stands for.

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