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Israel Calls Hezbollah’s Bluff
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  • Fat_Man

    The growing entente between Israel and its neighbors is the one of the few good things to come out of the Obama maladministration. And not by his plan, but as a reaction to his inept gyrations about the region. There is a strong possibility that by 1/20/17 the Palestinians will be the forgetten men of the Middle East.

    • JR

      The question every ruler in the Middle East has to ask themselves is who they would rather have as their neighbor: a thriving state with all the economic goodness that comes from it BUT it is run by Jews OR a failed, possibly Islamist, certainly unstable, money sucking pit that a Palestinian state would be. A lot of hard-eyed leaders in the Gulf and Egypt realized that using the hated Jews to do what needs to be done is not a bad idea. Jews are incredibly good at making deals with anyone who is willing to make them and is not blinded by religious fanaticism. Same as it ever was, for the last 5,ooo+ years.

      • Curious Mayhem

        And what’s more, the Egyptians and especially the Saudis have now “gotten religion,” so to speak, on the need to stop the Islamic radicals, after years of looking the other way. Their regimes are directly threatened, which they now understand.

    • Curious Mayhem

      The Palestinians have always been the “caboose” of Middle East politics, rather than its cutting edge — contrary to a widely-held myth — adopting ideologies and strategies late, well after others have done the same. This pattern is playing itself out once again.

    • Pete

      ‘There is a strong possibility that by 1/20/17 the Palestinians will be the forgetten men of the Middle East.’

      Let’s hope so

    • Kevin

      The Isreali – Sunni entente lasts only as long as the threat from the Shia does and maybe MB does. If Assad is toppled and Iran destabilized they will not be such friends anymore – sort of like how the coalition between the West andStalin fell apart after Hitler fell.

  • Andrew Allison

    The calculous which everybody appears to be overlooking is that Israel understands that it’s existence is at stake and will do what it can to survive regardless of the opinion of anybody else. That it is rumored to be a nuclear power should not be overlooked. What the rest of us should be worried about is that Israel cannot permit Iran to become one, and if the pusillanimous US adminsitation, et al. can’t prevent it, Israel must.

  • Pete

    Good analysis.

  • gabrielsyme

    Usually the advice given when your enemies are fighting each other is to leave well enough alone. Israel’s decision to intervene is of dubious wisdom, especially when Hezbollah is busy fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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