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The Special Relationship in the 21st Century
Cyber War Games Show Attention to New Threats

Amid the hubbub over British Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments on Iran, it may have gone overlooked that some very important practical work got done during the PM’s visit to DC. The Guardian reports:

A rolling programme of transatlantic cyber “war games” are to be conducted by British and US intelligence agencies to test their resilience in the face of mounting global cyber-attacks.

David Cameron and Barack Obama, who began two days of talks over dinner at the White House on Thursday night, will announce that as a first step a simulated attack will be targeted later in the year at banks in the City of London and Wall Street.

From the North Korean Sony hack to the recent attack on CentCom’s Twitter account, recent news has been replete with examples that the threats of the future are encroaching into the present. The sooner we’re ready to deal with them, the better.

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  • Andrew Allison

    Based on reports of the vulnerability of the utility infrastructure, the focus should perhaps be on where a potential enemy might attack. All the security in the world won’t be much use of the electric grid goes down.

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